from out of time – 1


His favorite song starts playing in another room

and the faint sound breezes

its way into my ear

A simple memory comes into view,

like a faithful glow

from out of time,

quiet and slow through its flow…

My hand lifts up

aiming to catch more

meaning beneath the blear.

But the light sails away…away from my fingers

as if drifting past a heart

that’s evading to remember,

though lingering still

around the breath and feel

of the music which keeps

him near.

Falling from a Star

— geena, july 2017


she vagabond

Nothing much to define or describe the universe

that holds the certainty whether she belongs

so she wishes for a world somewhere

— for people like her —

where long letters are written to make flowers bloom

where love mysteries are pondered for a hundred years,

for always spellbound by some gracious moon

to the morning sun that smiles in her room

Her very being the only home she’s come to know

as shelter over a timid heart that’s now grown old

Though she’s bound to meet the twilight soon

the promise of unknown regions

glint to be discovered

This much alive, intense and present

the vagabond is set free forevermore.

pic2 — geena, june 2017


Otto Wambier’s Tragic Case Broke My Heart

Image result for images of a younger Otto Warmbier

Quite so. The boy was only 22 years old; three years younger than my son. Otto didn’t deserve the kind of fate that was handed to him. I can only imagine how terrified he must have felt last year during the process and his trial and the days that followed after receiving his sentence. The most vile, trashy news site which is published heartless reader comments that even blamed this poor young man for his choice to go to North Korea and committing the mistake of taking down a banner to take home as souvenir. Many Liberals expressed similar thoughts while displaying their appalling demeanour toward the issue. How low could these people get.

I have very little compassion for the K citizens, whether they belong to the North or the South. I know their real nature as I’ve dealt with these type of beings for 10 long years. What little respect I’d previously held for the Obama administration, due to its inaction, completely dissipated as well.

My deep condolences to Otto Wambier and his family. My heart feels heavy every time I think about this unnecessary tragedy.

Final pictures show laughing Otto Warmbier days before arrest in North Korea

Life is a River According to Doug

An FB acquaintance who I’ll simply refer to as Doug has linked a blog post on his Newsfeed relating about his current tussles over external forces such as family drama, financial complications and feelings of social isolation — which unexpectedly has triggered sudden suicidal thoughts. Moved by sympathy, I wrote a response:

Thank you for another honest, wonderful blog piece attesting to our difficult struggles whenever life sends us those strong uncontrollable waves. It’s kinda late but I hope to acknowledge your earlier FB post about the mountains beckoning including your resolve to explore their secret places, crutches and all — which I find inspiring. You seem blessed with spiritual faith, inner strength, and the love of your family; may the thoughts that try to break into your spirit wear off soon, Doug. Admittedly, I lack abundance in terms of doctrinal beliefs and kin support, so people around and even I surprise myself at times how I’ve managed to have gotten this far in spite of sustaining heavy personal losses in recent years. They fancy me sort of durable when the truth is I’m a mere chicken who’s afraid to conk out on life  . Also, I had mentioned to my past downhearted co-bloggers the merits of Ginseng and vitamin supplements which helped assist me during a mysterious depression nearly a couple of decades ago. Getting out of the house does wonders, true; rain or shine, I hope to be able to keep on doing it, even if I have to crawl on all fours  .
His Reply: Thanks for your kind thoughts. I believe most people on Facebook who feel that I’m negative assume so because I discuss difficult topics. I try to be uplifting and upbeat, and I believe that I accomplish that. I can’t change my circumstances, but I can change how I deal with them.

I have not found vitamin supplements or ginseng helpful to alleviate my depression disorder, but if they work for you, that’s great to have in your tool kit.

Love your attitude! On all fours, indeed!

I didn’t realize that you blogged. Where? I’d like to check out your writing.

Me: For me, there’s nothing negative about the fact you don’t mind pouring what’s in your heart and mind here every so often. I can only delight over a certain amount of Trump memes and cat photos on FB  . As you’ve said, we all have the means to search for other coping strategies that’ll fit us, if ingesting supplements don’t work for you. The commitment to “show up” and determination to play it out to the end are what truly matter.
Just between you and me, I don’t think I’d want him to drop by this blog and read my soppy stuff and candid disclosures. I thanked him for showing interest to “check out my writing” though and told him to give me time to take down the embarrassing details first before I forward the link  (Both my palms on face) . Of course, it won’t happen ever. I still have some shame left within me. 😀

The Disgraceful Exit of a Princess

This blog will also serve as the official repository of my thoughts on news and certain issues — even though they originally appeared on my FB .

On Carrie Fisher’s Final Toxicology Report:

I won’t deny my disappointment as well upon learning she hadn’t been able to put her drug use behind her — after all those years. Commended for her mental acuity, writing smarts and independent spirit, she most likely possessed the right faculties to combat her addiction or at least stick with an extended, more effective rehabilitation program. Whatever psychiatric affliction she had had could’ve been brought on by her long-term dependence on such illegal narcotics, imo. Her heavy drug use started very early — at the tender age of 13. Previous articles and interviews of her could only point to the fact she behaved like a privileged brat who blamed almost everyone for her circumstances — she even refused to talk to her mother (who had raised her singlehandedly) for 10 years, imagine that.
I live in a country that has lately been seizing worldwide attention because of our leader’s controversial war on drugs. Although I was brought up in a sheltered environment which rendered such illegal stuff too terrifying to welcome as a chunk of my existence, it doesn’t mean I didn’t commiserate over specific cases — I tend to feel some sympathy for pill-poppers who couldn’t easily withdraw from painkillers by reason of their physical ailments. But we’re talking of Carrie here who’d been found with mere recreational substances — cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy — inside her system. 
If ordinary people could find the resources and strength to survive their personal travails, why couldn’t she? How could she have allowed the hungry beast of addiction to devour her life?
Millions of others have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; something that can be managed through certain treatments. It’s my belief such a malady shouldn’t justify nor end up side by side with dope stories.
Carrie Fisher almost had everything yet she threw it all away. How sad.

Not crazy about the flick but WW’s boyfriend was hot

An FB post a couple of days ago: Perhaps I shouldn’t have scanned through all those gushing reviews online before watching the movie earlier this afternoon because it probably shot my hopes up a bit high. (Spoiler Alert?) Nearly all of the best scenes had already been incorporated in its trailers. Although the movie was well made, the tiresome formulaic climax of one-on-one battle with an evil god or monster — which enforces mayhem and burning all around and the hurling of whatever heavy stuff nearby — made me want to slump on my seat. Still, the onscreen chemistry between the two lead characters is delightful; Gal Gadot is credible as Wonder Woman; and Chris Pine’s acting, plus that sight of him getting out and going down from the bathtub is definitely worth my time and theater fee.

Having watched all the other superhero flicks, I had expected WW to diverge from those old motifs and offer sth different or original. Oh the world war 1 setting, the Amazons, the acting, etc. were all very good but on the whole, there was nothing quite exceptional about the film I could later muse on. IMHO, Captain America-1 was a lot better and so were some of the past Marvel movies.

I liked the London arrival sequence — how well it showed her unfamiliarity with then 20th century and the big reveal scene in “No Man’s Land” together with the film’s many humorous and charming scenes. The romance could’ve been sweeter, though. And (spoiler alert!) Steve’s character should’ve been extended for one more installment.
What I really want to say is that I love love love Chris Pine in this movie. He can do either comedy or drama splendidly. What an outstanding talent. And oh, those blue eyes….

Image result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in WonderwomanImage result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in Wonderwoman

for piece and peace

To be able to read and enjoy good pieces. To be able to somehow learn from very good writers, which requires making peace with everyone on social media — minus any real discourse and drama. No friendship is necessary; co-existing is what’s important. True camaraderie through the net isn’t possible anyway; things are better with the right distance. Serenity is what we really need.

Oh Pizza! Plus Milk Tea and Sunset Watching

Hooked on selfies and posting them on FB and Instagram. I keep going back to the cool wonderful places in the city I’ve been to recently.

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I just discovered S&R Pizza which is delicious
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I bought the Royal Choco Milk Tea which tastes so-so to be able to get the seat and enjoy the view
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Waiting for the sunset although the sudden drizzle kinda spoiled the fun. Ah, the wind and my hair….