Norway vacation (5)

Vacation pictures again — ad nauseum, I know i know. But I’m not in the mood to write and I have to store my vacation photos somewhere so bear with me.πŸ™‚

Ferry rides and cruises are a must when traveling around Norway to enjoy its scenery
I don’t know about them but it becomes chilly every now and then.
that’s leftover ice from winter on top of the mountain


outside Oslo City Hall
the biggest stave church in Norway with the cemetery in front
Okay, so I got fond of taking selfies I confess.
the prettiest policewomen patrolling around Oslo city centre








Btw, Norwegians like to eat fish which is quite fine with me.


their desserts were to die for.

Norway vacation (4)

I was happy in Norway — a truly spectacular place
the Flam Train I rode in
Norway has a lot of beautiful waterfalls, small and huge


the bar in one of our hotels
one of the trains in Flam
some buses are actually mini-trains following a trail
McDonald’s in Bergen. Its exterior doesn’t look like the one we have here.
people waiting for the bus
I thought the elevator at Clarion Hotel in Oslo was fabulous
I was given a tiny (single) room twice or thrice — so it was messy.πŸ™‚
during our many journeys the roads were always clear. Amazing.
in rare occasions that there’s traffic


breathtaking with the mist all over me
one of our many stopovers to enjoy the waterfalls
part of the lobby inside one of our hotels
outside the Glacier Museum
the hotel has a small conference area with a fantastic view


This dance song has always been a favorite of mine from the disco era. What surprised me was everywhere I went in Norway, they were mostly playing music from the late 1970s and the 1980s. I heard this one being played in one of the restaurants while I was outside strolling around Oslo city centre one night; now it’s become more meaningful and special for me.

vacation in Norway (3)


a very lovely Lake Mjosa near Lillehammer, Norway





two beds for just the single me? Oh wow. Just wow. I fuckin love it.πŸ˜€


inside the Glacier Museum
inside Qatar Business Class Lounge; the ceiling was so pretty.
the dude who fried and scrambled my eggs. Literally.πŸ˜‰
I had delicious meals throughout the week; this was just breakfast.
Buffet breakfasts and dinners. What more could I ask for?.


among the happiest days of my life – vacation in Norway (1)

In the most beautiful place I’ve been to so far. Home to the best-looking people my eyes have ever laid on. Can’t describe in words so I’ll simply post a series of photos here and in the coming days. All images from my own simple camera.

I’ve a tiny problem uploading today. Photos, er, I mean, selfies are available on my instagramΒ .

waiting to board the Flam Train


inside a McDonald’s in Bergen



fog in the bridge — I adore fogs



last-minute solemn thoughts and revelations before setting off

I wrote my first entry prior to my initial trip to Europe in the past; now that I’m again on my way to the same continent, I’ve found my thoughts not much different from the ones I’d had when I was a couple of years younger. My feelings about life, God, aging, solitude, and the dearest persons to me are pretty much the same.

There have been changes. My son is gone, and so is my full-time job – both of utmost importance to me. For twenty two years I have defined myself by my love for my child; and for a decade, by my love for teaching. Both of which I ended up letting go due to circumstances beyond my control.

I’m old now. I’ll be reaching my 50th year soon. I must have spooked you there, right?πŸ™‚ I sound like a 16 year old lass here most of the time. I still feel young at heart, that’s why; even though the mirror has been more and more unmerciful in its reflection of truth as time goes by.

What has taken place between me and my child has been heart-breaking, I try not to brood over it anymore. I’ve already done my very best for him.

Although I’m not a believer, I wish there was an afterlife. So I’d be able to spend time with the greatest loves of my life: my father and all the dearest dogs and pets I’ve had – they haven’t been forgotten, and I miss them all so much.

Often have I felt I don’t belong in this world. But my heart is still beating, my eyes can see, my limbs intact. There’s no excuse not to get on with the business of living. So I’ll see how far down the road this life will take me.


I’m Going to Norway


Gamle Stavanger, Stavanger, Β Norway

Just for a week. Flight is scheduled by this weekend. My sister and her husband are going to be my travel companions. Norway’s images on the internet are splendid so far. Should I be excited because I’ve been a city girl my entire life? I’ll sure be posting photos of both my destinations and myself here as soon as I can; my Instagram account will be included on the sidebar of this blog, too.

Motion sickness and my parents’ fear (they never experienced riding an airplane, imagine that) that had rubbed off on me were main factors why flying on airplanes has never been a breeze for me. But I love traveling. My sis urged me to visit nearer tourist sites like Japan or Australia or NZ. Nah, I love Europe and its beautiful people. Accuse me of whatever – that’s my preference nonetheless. My next target, hopefully this year as well (still I’m not sure), is Czech Republic and its neighboring areas. One thing’s certain, my intention to spend the money I had saved teaching English to dumb “Ks” on gallivanting.

I’m worried about my cat, though. I’ll be leaving her to the care of my brother and his partner. My cat is now fourteen years of age and I hope nothing bad happens to her while I’m away. She could be a pain in the a#s yet I consider her the dearest only real family left to me now.

If I make it back in one piece, I look forward to wiping the slate clean for the nth time. New perspectives, new inspirations, new love, new writing goals. I probably should be more relentless in editing and polishing my future and past pieces — with regards to grammar, syntax, vocabulary, style, etc.

I realized my child might never read this blog which was originally dedicated to him. It’s alright, I’ve had a great time and, similar to some writers, I enjoy the whole process even though I’m merely talking to myself. At least a lot has already been documented and everything I’ve written here is true.

Meanwhile — Hey Norway, here I come!


I was eight years old when my father one night brought home LP albums of The Carpenters, Santana, and Burt Bacharach/Hal David/Dionne Warwick tandem. All of their music became memorable to me; this is one of the many I’d learned by heart.