Idiomatic Nut

At every chance I get, I go to a bookstore and spend oodles of time (yep, not cash as I’ve got none) there as if it were a library. (I gotta play hide and seek with the roaming assistants and guards though because they prohibit browsers getting too comfortable reading in their bookstore without buying. That’s good business I understand). I love books but they can be too costly and a bit bulky for me. Well, last weekend, I found myself buying a reasonably priced handy reference guide on idiomatic expressions. Cool. I believe it’s a judicious tiny investment for me since I’m in full throttle trying to improve my writing skills. I happily showed it to my co-worker who got too enthusiastic and said something like, “let’s use them until we become totally unintelligible.” I dismissed his jest and went on to peruse my newfound blissbook. You know I love english and have always been fascinated with idioms. So I’m determined to make use of my new purchase to my best advantage. Okay, what do we have in here? Hmm..

Let me start with the word “cold”..

I got cold feet when I met a cold fish who’s giving me the cold shoulder.Should I get cold sweat? Or try to see things in the cold light of day? Or perhaps I’ll simply go cold turkey about it.

Ha! So how am I doing, hm? Moving on..

I’ll come out of my shell come rain or shine to play hardball in the field.

My two cents fell on the tip of the iceberg and it’s up for grabs when push comes to shove.

 if you play it by ear, you can turn the other cheek and get a slap on the wrist.

Just don’t talk turkey or you’ll be the talk of the town.

Smart Alec rubs smarty pants up the wrong way and becomes a punching bag.

The sitting duck sits well with the night owl in the catbird seat over the hill.

Since time immemorial, Skeletons in the closet have scared the daylights out of me.

Can a guinea-pig put its foot in its mouth and go the whole hog?

How do you like them apples? Though one bad apple hit rock bottom and gone pear-shaped.

A fish out of water drops in the bucket and eventually becomes a flash in the pan.

How’s that? Am I brilliant or what?

I know I know, I’m being silly and not even funny here. Actually, I’m writing out of the back of my head. Cut me some slack though. I’m still a wanna-be-writer.

This post is something I won’t be particularly proud of. And it can be subject for deletion in the near future. But what the heck, I just wanted to write something light and frivolous, not to mention I had some fun in coming up with those lines above.

Oh when will I ever get my day in the sun?


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