I’ve neglected this blog for a couple of weeks due to reasons I can’t exactly reveal here. My point is, I got tied up at work and my hands were full (with work, of course). But I missed rambling in here so I’m just delighted to be back.

Actually, I got preoccupied with something trivial to my mundane existence but nevertheless crucial to my imaginary world. You see, here in my country, the lottery pot prize has gone up to more than 600 million pesos and it’s like everybody is going gaga over winning it. I know I know, I’ve better chances of getting struck by lightning thrice than getting all the numbers right in this 6/55 lotto game. But I’m a dreamer.. just like the millions of other filipinos who fall in line to buy their lottery tickets everyday of their lives. We’re all buying the dream. Frolicking in dreamland where life is so much easier is a national pastime in our land because it’s totally free (except for the lottery ticket). Not to mention our only hope.

Sometimes it got me thinking, I’m not really a materialistic person (indeed!), so how would I spend all that money if I ever won it? Hmm.. Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is buy myself a nice, medium-sized house to shelter me and my son and my cat. Wow, I would like that. Because that would mean my son will finally have his own room to put all his stuff in, and my cat “snowy” can stay outside of the house where she can have her own space to roam and some exclusive space to pee and poo. And she’d probably also stop following me around begging for attention and food (not necessarily in that order). I’d really like that.

What would I do with the rest of the money? Well, if I will stay alive to enjoy it (as you know, having that much money in this country could cost you your life like what happened to a few jackpot winners here), I’m gonna buy myself umm, oh yeah, (drumroll please), I’m gonna buy myself some LOVE.

Oh please, stop giving me that look. And why not?  If rich famous women could get themselves a boytoy, I’d be more than happy to join them. But this time I’m gonna raise the bar much higher in choosing my uhm, boytoy. I’d want him tall, with good built, quite handsome, very very attractive, and so articulate in english. Oh, and he should be good at “many other things” as well..he he he..

Did I say I’m gonna buy myself love, or something else really? Now that got me confused..

Anyway, I don’t mind getting my hands on that half a billion pesos. It’s probably my only chance to rent Bavid Beckham or James Yap or Dingdong Dantes for a couple of nights.

But I better make sure lightning doesn’t strike me first.



  1. Just so you know, I have very strict and inflexible rules when it comes to women offering me money. I always say, “Thank you!”

    And remember: Money can’t buy happiness. But it can make your unhappiness much more enjoyable!


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