Silly Love Poems from Yours Truly

My my, what a surprise! My post “Idiomatic nut”, garnered the highest views so far. I’m totally puzzled. I mean I’ve had far more interesting and better-written posts than that. I guess some surfers were misled by the title thinking they could get some substance about the topic. Now I can only imagine the horror on their faces after reading it. But it delighted me nevertheless. Imagine, 37 (unsuspecting) viewers bothered to click open my blog in one day. Cool..

This time, I’m posting a few of the mini love poems I wrote some years ago when I got infatuated with my son’s guitar teacher. I was already in my late 30s then but what the heck, I was in love(?). The feeling of course has long been gone but the poems remain. And I don’t mind sharing the verses to you now. Just keep in that I’m not a poetic person and I’m not even into reading poems at all. I don’t know what got into me years back to write these verses, but I guess that’s just one of the mysteries of love. So let me start.. (they’re all untitled, by the way)

I may not have the beauty, riches or intelligence

that can make up for my fading youth..

But the one true thing I can hold onto                       

 is the memory of the way I have cherished you..


The clouds that gracefully drift by

 in the hue of the pale blue sky

can never be as breathtaking

as when I close my eyes and remember your face..                    


There was this moment

when I laid my eyes on you

and touched your face gently..

Then I woke up to find it was just a dream..

But how it made me smile,

 and put the sun to shine right into my heart..


I wish there’s something I could say

about the beauty of a broken heart,

 but all I could feel now

is the melancholy it brings

to my whole being

 for letting you go..                          

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