I Went to Singapore

I spent 3 nights and 4 days in Singapore on the last week of April. It was great.

Me at Changi Airport

The first night at Summer View Hotel, (somewhere in Orchard Road) we were given a room with one queen-sized bed and no window. I got depressed. I had actually wanted to go home. You see, my period had just ended so my hormones were still in knots. My son must have thought I was nuts. We just arrived there. Why would I want to go home?The view from ourcable car at Sentosa Island

The second day was our Universal Studios trip so I managed to drag myself out of bed and joined my son for a pleasurable tour around the fabulous site. We only had two rides. No way would I dare ride the rollercoaster that seemed to be engineered to give one a heart attack.On the background is the rollercoaster ride at Universal Studios

My mood had improved after we were given a new room which has separate beds and a window. Lovely.

For 3 days in a row we simply ate at the decent canteens of Albert Centre. To my delight, I didn’t see even a single fly during our meals. In fact, I never saw a fly in Singapore. That’s how clean the country is. Amazing.

 Cable car ride going to Sentosa Island

What else can I say about Singapore? I was actually surprised to see a lot of Indians there. The country is populated by Chinese and Indians. Of course, filipinos were everywhere too. From our city tour, the guide managed to mention these facts: Singapore’s got only one season, and that is, summer. It rains every now and then but generally, the weather’s hot or warm. Very warm. A view of the castle inside Universal Studios Singapore

There’s no agriculture or livestock in Singapore. It’s mainly a city. They earn money from Tourism, Industrial means, Treatment of water sent back to Malaysia and Cargoes.

There can be no heavy traffic in Singapore. Owning a car is exclusively for the wealthy because government imposes a huge tax for car ownership.

There can only be double-decked buses in the Lion City

The government of Singapore is a good one that truly cares for its people.

Elderly Singaporeans are still employed and productive in Singapore. I was surprised when a 65 year old woman took my orders and served our food at Burger King.

This is what I like about travelling. I learn a lot. And I enjoy the process and sightseeing at the same time.

Now I’ve got no more plans to travel domestically in the Philippines. In fact, if there’ll be another travelling that will happen in my future, it can only be international. I am gunning for Australia the next time. But it will happen two or three years from now. You see, I still have to save for it.

2 thoughts on “I Went to Singapore

  1. Hi !
    I ‘ve been in Singapore for a month with my family, but I can’t remember a thing coz I was just 5 years old. I ‘ve only got pictures . I do recall the dancing water fountains , the numerous train rides, and the aquarium. ( well, we’ve got a lot of pics of these places, so I don’t know if they are real memories… )

    • I’m glad to learn that. I did enjoy my brief vacation in Singapore. It actually looks like our own Makati City here. I hope you’ll get the chance to visit The Lion City again.


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