Valentine Season Ponderings of Single Women Like Me

I hate to put out another sappy piece here but Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner and that gives me fair enough reason to write about love and men-my most favorite topics- once more. Yipee.

Please take note that I’m still resolute in granting my weary heart a sabbatical, which means I’ve no plan to put it on the line yet. Be that as it may, I find no reasons not to be happy. Life has been good recently and it still is.

To be honest, I’m not totally loveless on this special day. Aside from my son, there’s one in particular who’s gonna be so happy to see me and spend time with me. My cat. As soon as I get home from work, she’ll start following me around, making unintelligible sounds equivalent to saying she missed me the whole day, and then proceed to show me her undying devotion in her own feline ways. For sure, we’ll be having dinner together sharing a can of sardines afterwards. No kidding. Hey, it’s not that bad. I do love my cat. And some sardines can be tasty and delicious.

You know I put up this blog so I could start to chronicle my life’s narrative. The question is, am I ready to narrate to my dear readers my love stories of epic dimensions? (ho-ho, I’m exaggerating, of course) Nah. Maybe not yet. In the near future perhaps. But here’s the deal. Whatever you’ll learn about me and my past romantic misdemeanors, just promise you won’t report me to the nearest Police Love Station. Ok?

There’s one thing you should know about our race. We are widely known for indulging in the extravagance of our feelings and emotions. Crimes of passion are not extraordinary occurrences here. Only in this land can you hear of mortals actually willing to die for love, or surrender in all foolishness in the name of unmitigated, relentless ardor. How we revel in its sensations, never lacking in PDAs or ingenious ways to demonstrate our supposed infinite (?) affection for each other.  I have to admit that we sometimes find western movies on love lacking in dramatic embellishments. They’re a little flat and laid-back, in our honest opinion (sorry..). Our romantic films in comparison are intense, high-strung, oftentimes tempestuous, laced with intricate angles that twist and turn. That’s how we normally favor all things romantical here.

Freddie Mercury of Queen sang about this crazy little thing called love, remember?   

And there are times too when I liken this whole notion of love to an inconceivable dream. You try to reach for the stars and in certain magical moments, you feel as though they’re already within your grasp. Just as you’re about to touch one, you plummet back to earth and crash down explosively in unfathomable fashion. It’s as if we aren’t meant to mingle with the brightest in heavens, after all..

Alright, alright.. Before I lower the curtains on this entry, I’ll confess to keeping someone somewhere in the outskirts of my heart for this particular Valentine. Not so much on the romantic sphere though. But I consider this person special to me because he inspires me in a good sense with his gracious manners, erudite mind, elegant writing style and flawless grammar. Don’t dare ask me who he is or I’ll turn tail and flee. Comprende?

Happy Valentine Season, dear readers!


11 thoughts on “Valentine Season Ponderings of Single Women Like Me

  1. I enjoyed this very much, thank you. I will be curling up this weekend with a good book, a cup of tea, some chocolate and my favourite romantic (of truly epic proportions) bollywood movie. I hope you, your son and your cat all enjoy this weekend.

    • Honestly, that sounds like an ideal way to spend Valentine season. Much much better than hanging around with a lousy Valentine date. 🙂
      Rest assured, we’re both gonna be enthused with Life even without a man.

  2. This post made me homesick for the “extravagance of… feelings and emotions.” Where I live now, there’s almost no extravagance of any kind. Everyone is reserved and polite, and things are under-done rather than over-done. I think passionate people are the most alive.

    Do you really eat sardines?

    • Canned sardines, which I occasionally pick up from the grocery aisle before heading home, have spun off into sundry other interesting flavors and tastes such as sweet&sour, hot&spicy, spanish, barbecued, coconut-soaked etc. – I wonder when they’ll ever come up with choco chip or peanut butter flavor- So I’m always tempted to take a bite or two before giving the whole contents to my cat. Since I don’t cook much (ok, so I don’t cook at all anymore these days except for instant noodles), canned sardines have become convenient food for me once in awhile as my son eats outside during schooldays. Great for weight maintenance too. 🙂
      I swear you can pick anyone from the streets of our country who can turn the storylines of “Titanic” and “Love Story” a dozen times more romantic and emotional. I’m not sure if it works to our advantage. The drama that pervades everywhere ad nauseam could have been a hindrance to our progress as a nation. Perhaps. I’m not sure.. But everything else pales in comparison when we simply and joyfully make passion and matters of the heart our priority here.
      I’ve read your latest post and loved it. I had to restrain myself though from commenting because I wanted to lie low this week. No particular reason really. Truthfully, I’m still basking in the glow of the attention you’ve given my blog. I’m eternally grateful, Charles.

      Yes it’s true. Passionate people are the most alive, yet “extravagance of…feelings and emotions” can be deliriously scary when things get out of control. “Things are under-done rather than over-done.” Hmm.. such interesting nuance..

    • BB, I’ll be looking forward to a post from you on your blog about passion and romance. I wonder if you’ve already done that. It would certainly thrill your reader fans to the core. 🙂

    • As one who is unashamedly and unabashedly passionate and emotional, I can tell you it’s absolutely true. The colors are more colorful, the feelings more feelingful. A day can be an exciting (awful) roller coaster of emotion.

      This may be why I’ve always like Latinas, Hispanics and Italians… passionate blood! Sounds like they’re not the only ones. (My adoptive parents are Norwegian… kind of at the other end of the spectrum… hard to understand how I turned out as I did… apparently blood will tell!)

      • Filipinos are quite passionate in many ways. It could be because we belong as descendants of Hispanics – we were under the rule of Spain for 300 years. Until now, western love stories we find a little too flat. So lacking in sweetness. 🙂
        I tried my luck in convincing Bronxboy to talk about love and his romantic history in his blog, but he seems to have other more noteworthy topics up his sleeve. I’m still keeping my hopes high, though, that he’d dispense some prose about matters of the heart in the future.
        You are passionate, emotional and different from your adoptive parents maybe because you’ve got all the truest mixtures of Latino, Hispanic, and Italian blood. 🙂

      • I have no real experience with Filipinos, male or female, but if I go by you (a small sample size) I’d have to say I quite like them! From a strictly physical POV (for whatever that matters), I do really love black hair and olive skin. Given my taste in women and food, Latin or Hispanic blood seems like a real possibility. (I once spent a year trying to decide which was my favorite food: Mexican or Pizza. I finally picked Mexican by realizing I could never give it up. But I could give up Pizza, because there is other Italian food with the same combo of flavors.)

        BronxB is a humorist. He’s much smarter and more capable than his humor lets on. A deeply personal article would almost seem out of character. (And it would likely drive all his woman groupies crazy with desire. (Yes, I am a little envious of all the adoring women who flock to his blog… does it show? :D))

      • I believe Spanish women and Latin-based beauties are the loveliest in the world. I’m not into any pure Asian looks. I don’t like Chinese or Middle East or Indian physical features. Neither am I crazy about freckles and dark skin. I’m just being honest here. 🙂

        That’s my point. Bb should take advantage of the female fans who flock to his blog. An occasional post about love and his romantic history would be refreshing and would do greater wonders to his stats.
        (chuckle) I am curious as to how you’re going to handle woman groupies of your own on your blog, WS. 🙂

      • Heh! I don’t think BB needs any help with his stats!

        I think I’ve had a few fans, but I don’t know if they were groupies. (To me the difference is being attracted to the work rather than the person behind the work.) No one has thrown their underwear at me so far! (How would one even do that online? Send a picture? Ah, of course that’s how it’s done. We’ve had some politicians who have gotten in trouble for doing just that! :lol:)

        There is an interesting progression I’ve seen several times now. A new visitor finds the blog and gets really into it. We interact a lot for a while. And then it fades away. Kind of the online equal of a “brief affair” perhaps (in most cases the women were married or with someone).

        It does seem a little different when both are single. Even when (as is usually the case) reality makes any consideration of actually getting together impossible, there is still an aura of possibility somehow. It’s very much like how I find single actresses much more intriguing than married ones.


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