The First Of Its Kind Here

For this particular post, the first of its kind here which I had to write and finish in a span of three hours (whew, that was hard!), I’d like to thank John of John’s Consciousness who has always been kind to me and supportive of my writing endeavors. His writing ability happens to be one of the very best I’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s such an inspiration. What a guy!


First Boyfriend: As a freshman in university, I vividly recall sitting on the front in one of my classes, having a conversation with a classmate, while waiting for our professor to arrive (she did not). I heard whispers at the back some few feet away so I looked behind me and consequently saw four guys and a girl at the rear door talking, looking in my direction. The girl who happened to be the prettiest in our class started walking towards me. She sat down and asked if her friend could approach and introduce himself to me. I said, “Okay..”  A few minutes later, a cute, lean guy in stylish jeans and shirt who I’d never seen before (he was apparently my classmate too) courageously and in full view of the whole class sat next to me and began his introductions. I thought that was sweet of him. From then on, he started walking with me through the corridors and waited for me after my classes. We were “on” for about eight months before I broke up with him. Not a genuine relationship I admit. He had been real nice but I was so young then and very idealistic when it came to young love. I guess I gave him a hard time. Poor guy (thinking about it now).

First Person I Kissed: Well, it depends. My college boyfriend gave me a sudden “stolen” kiss on the cheek while we were hanging out in the school grounds one evening. And I kind of freaked out and got upset. I was 17. A kiss in whatever form was already a big deal for girls like me during those times. Silly me. Oh really Poor Guy..

My first real passionate kiss was at the age of 20 with a co-worker boyfriend in my first job. Inside his car, under the rain..

First Job: I was a fresh graduate of BS Accounting somewhere in the middle of the 1980s. One of our major newspapers today “The Philippine Daily Inquirer” was still in its pioneering stage. My uncle begged his former boss to take me in which led to my joining the daily newspaper’s administrative department. But I was such a dork during the first few months I really tested my boss’ patience with my lack of experience and ineptitude at work.

First Pay/What Did I Buy: I remember offering my first whole salary to my Dad. It was actually my Mom’s suggestion. To show him my gratefulness for everything he had done for me. I can’t remember now if he accepted it. But the gesture definitely made him happy.

First CD I Recall Buying: I bought two 45s simultaneously at a record store when I was still a gradeschooler. The first one was a song titled “Never Gonna Fall In Love Again” from guess who? John Travolta! The very first record I took fancy in after I saw him in the song’s promo ad on TV. He was still in his “Welcome Back Kotter” days and before “Saturday Night Fever” happened to him. I don’t like the song anymore though. It sounds corny to me now. The other one was Elton John’s love ballad “We All Fall In Love Sometimes.”, which I still like up to this day.

What Age Was I When I Moved From My Parent’s Home: During our late teens, my sister and I temporarily stayed in a boarding house so it would just be walking distance to our schools in the heart of the city’s university belt. Of course I finally moved out of my parent’s house when I got married so my ex-husband and I could try to work things out by getting away from our respective in-laws. 🙂

First Holiday Abroad: I’ve always been afraid of riding on an airplane. Yikes. But I finally managed to do it for the very first time six years ago when my son and I went to Hongkong. It was Christmas. Winter season. Beautiful city. Those were among the best days of my life.

2 thoughts on “The First Of Its Kind Here

  1. What a wonderful collection of memories and stories of your life! You honor me with your response and I am grateful for your kind words.

    There are so many more of the best days of your life to come. I hope to be some small part of those days, and to contribute a memory or two myself.

    This is a great post–well constructed and beautifully executed….Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful thoughts…..John H.

    • After seeing the challenge on your post last night, I had to get down to work on this entry real quick. I wish I had done more justice in writing the beauty and significance of my memories but I imposed a self-deadline by hook or by crook. 🙂 It was quite fun though.

      You are already a part of my writing life and having a good soul like you in the corners of my mind can create enough memories worth keeping..

      Thank you for being so nice to me, John.


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