March Babe Musings

I just got to remind you, please don’t take the word “babe” in my blog titles seriously. I just couldn’t think of a spunkier term so I’m simply settling for the meantime.  But in case you’d want to think of me as one cool Bb, it’s your choice. Who am I to stop you? 🙂

Not exactly a fan of the summer season, I have to give in to the hot weather that has just stepped in here recently. On the latest happenings in the domestic front, impeachment of our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court which is the first in the history of our land seems inevitable, but I’m kind of getting tired seeing it all over the newspaper headlines or hearing about it in the evening news. In fact, I’m more interested in who our bachelor President is dating these days and whether he really intends to settle down and give us a First Lady soon.  🙂

Psst, ssshh.. don’t tell but I’ve been actually stealing wifi connection from my unwitting neighbor for months now and though sometimes I feel guilty, most of the time, I don’t. hee hee.. You see, wifi “joey” suddenly turned up like a mushroom one cold evening November of last year. From then on, my son and I got hooked.  That’s the reason I previously held out on having any internet server installed in our home. I knew this would happen. So now, gone are the weekends when my son and I would think of more fun and productive ways to pass the time. Instead, the usual weekend scenario would have my cat sitting in front of us, staring at my son and I completely glued to our respective netbooks all morning till afternoon until she couldn’t take it anymore and literally screams at me for neglecting her. Well yeah, I’m the one she bullies around alright when she gets hungry coz I unintentionally got a bit delayed in giving her cat food. I guess my cat is justified for doing that. If not her, there are other things I tend to neglect due to my current preoccupation. Like I was in the middle of reading an interesting blog, then suddenly I remember,

“Oh yeah, the laundry!” or

“Woops, time to do the dishes.”, and the worst,

“ Oh MG!! My food! It’s burned!!”

And this tiny abode where we live? Definitely needs some cleaning.

Tsk tsk.. Yeah I know, I need some kind of Extreme Measures.  Don’t worry. I’m planning to do something about it. Soon.

I wish to write pretty thundering pieces all the time but frankly, I also miss posting just about anything in here. Anything (Just like what I’m doing now). Without taking much into consideration the repercussions or my readers’ perceptions. That I did pretty much in the earlier days of this blog because I honestly predicted a 2% probability somebody would visit this site. Much like during my kiddy days when my brother and I would each light up a firecracker at the dawn of New Year’s Day to throw to the ground then run and hide to escape from our neighbors’ suspicions. In the infancy stages of Bohemian Sentiments, I would bravely gab about gushy and silly trivialities, hit Publish then say “bye bye blog. See ya next time. When? I ain’t sure.” And you know my previous posts with contents I had thought of as balderdash? Kaput! Gone. Most of them I already deleted. I’m a shy girl, you know.

I recently saw an excerpt from Joan Collin’s kind of memoir where she stated how women spend too much of their younger years on men. It makes a lot of sense to me now. I guess things like these become crystal clear only after having been graced with the gift of years. Just thinking about it, I wish I had devoted my youth more wisely on loftier pursuits like being the one to be able to unlock the “Mysteries of the Universe.”  Instead, I foolishly spent a huge chunk of my time in the company of the “Masters of the Universe.” 

And so it got me thinking of Whitesnake’s hit song of the 80s “Here I Go Again”:

I don’t know where I’m going

But I sure know where I’ve been

Hanging on the promises in the songs of yesterday

And I’ve made up my mind

I am wasting no more time. 

I’m actually happy with my life these days. I feel peaceful. I get bad days of course once in a while, especially after a night with not much sleep. But whenever I walk home after a long day at work, all I’ve got to do is look up to the magnificence of the afternoon sky and my day is redeemed.

I’m a pretty fortunate babe indeed.


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