April Babe Musings

I was apprehensive April would come to a close without me having posted a single thought or update about my less than sensational existence. The pact I made with myself of at least a single entry finding its way to this blog of mine once a month is in danger of annihilation I was afraid. Yet here I am, feeling relieved to have made it.

Starting off on the lighter side of things, I’ve been anticipating the movie Avengers which is slated to be shown here at the end of April. I make no bones about the fact that I normally watch movies for the eye candy. Nothing wrong with letting my brain go dead for a while I suppose. Action movies are my kind of thing. Besides, I’m thrilled to be able to lay my eyes on Chris Hemsworth again who was adorable in the movie “Thor.” There’s something distinctive about his handsome face that makes me not want to take my eyes off him. Again, let’s not get to the body or I might not be able to put an end to this post. Just watching him and hearing his voice will be well worth the movie ticket. I happen to fancy Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Chris Evans (Captain America) too. How lucky could Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) get for being able to work side by side with these Hollywood hotties. Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman) is one hell of a talented actor, that I’m aware of. But you know, there’s no way he can compete with the younger ones in the looks and brawns department. Sorry, Bob. 🙂

Oh by the way, my son just turned 20 last weekend. Gone is the teenager in my house. But I’m proud to brag he’s been doing well in his studies, and my heart is glowing with the fact that he’s still devoted to his mom. Life can be good at times. We celebrated his birthday by simply opting to go the nearest commercial center that houses a nice, reasonably-priced Italian fastfood restaurant named “Sbarro.” We ate a few slices of their mouth watering pizza and a delicious serving of their fetuccine specialty. Yummy. I plan to go there again this weekend.

Now if I may touch on to the more introspective side.

Reading has become so much of a delightful activity to me that writing gets jostled aside most of the time. The humbling reality that I am more of a reader than a writer has become more lucid than ever. I don’t mind though as long as I can find my way to the best reading stuff in the blogging world of WPress to bring interminable felicity to my life. I’ve been spending my extra time digging the archives of a few of my most favorite bloggers recently, going into the vaults of treasures they managed to write from the not too distant past. Such joy I get from dropping by their blog terrains, hanging around at times, soaking up various kinds of expositions that exhibit the incandescence of their minds, breadth of their experience and delectable writing prowess. How the hell did they get that good by the way? Why didn’t it occur to me that blogging would someday be the coolest thing for a wannabe writer like me that I should therefore have done my best to hone my writing skills intensively in my younger days?

Too late for regrets now. I just gotta be happy with whatever I’ve got and do what I have to do. For I had hoped this blog of mine would be my residence that houses the reflections of my heart, soul and mind – providing me freedom not just in expressing my innermost thoughts but also freedom to be as fallible, human and average as I can be. I want it to shelter me from the outside world too, devoid of needless complications that can entangle my heart, mind and soul. Haven’t I had enough of that already in the wilderness of the external world?

I’ve always looked forward to the opportunity where I can be daring in my writing attempts and not worry as to how others might perceive my intellect and aptitude as a writer.

Only in here can I find closure to my quest for endless new beginnings. That’s the sanguine solitary line I managed to write for my gravatar profile. Words of truth and intent I might inevitably have to go through again and again in this domain of mine. Having to wipe the slate clean every now and then. Telling it like it is. Hoping to finally become the blogger I’ve always longed to be.





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