In Appreciation of The Continental Blogging Award

I first saw this Bronx guy when he left an interesting comment in one of the blogs I occasionally visit. I wasn’t exactly in high spirits during the time that got me casually flipping through some of the blog pages I’ve accustomed to viewing. I decided to follow the trail leading to his site and lo, I was pleasantly floored to find out he is actually one of the most popular bloggers on WP. His outstanding posts made WordPress decide he’s deserving of three-time Freshly Pressed prominence. No wonder. He’s very likable, funny, intelligent, deep, whose great command of the language makes him quite an excellent and capable writer. He’s almost perfect. And the gorgeous hair.. I really like his hair.

His post “Aimlessly Wandering Down Memory Lane” was utterly delightful and hilarious, and lifted my spirits instantly. So I decided to post a comment with nothing more than an intention to express my appreciation and admiration for his work. The fact that he responds graciously to readers’ comments, taking into account his present status as a celebrity blogger at WordPress, is a bonus delight.

Like all his other followers, his acknowledgment of my blog in the commentary section gratified me for several days. I wasn’t ready though for what he had up in his sleeves last June 30 when he created The Continental Blogging Award. A special commendation wherein he chooses a specific blog he believes worthy of attention from each of the seven continents. For its debut, he bestowed the recognition to my blog “Bohemian Sentiments” as the one in the whole of Asia. It really caught me by surprise. In my humble opinion, there may be other Asian blogs more deserving of the honor. His choice was exhilarating nonetheless. One more thing for sure, it cemented my regard for this Bronx guy who meant quite well in reaching out and extending support to his less distinguished fellow bloggers with this particular undertaking.

It’s like during my freshman in college. If a cute, popular guy flashed a friendly smile in my direction, I’d feel like “huh?” So I would have to look at my back if there was anyone else worthy of his beguiling smile. If there was none and he’d smile still, I’d be compelled to mouth something like “me?” as in “Are you really smiling at me?” and it would end up with the cute amiable guy walking away thinking “Aah, never mind, crazy girl.”

Anyway, Bronxboy’s deed is the best thing anybody has done for me in the blogosphere. I was touched by the gesture. It meant a lot to me because just when I was losing my faith on the integrity of online blogging not too long ago (when I discovered the one or two I’ve encountered here who appallingly aren’t true to the decent, tender-hearted, straight-laced image they try to project in their blogs), he turns up and unselfishly extends his arm to be of assistance to his colleagues in the blogosphere.

That day, July 1 here, gave the stats of Bohemian Sentiments its record breaking boost. My blog garnered the highest hits so far and that got me thrilled. He said he wanted us seven bloggers to be read by many others. I’m aware it may or may not happen for me in the long run. If it doesn’t, it’s still going to be ok. Frankly, the probability I’ll be losing him soon as one of my readers is of more concern to me. How often do you find bloggers like him who genuinely promote goodwill in cyberpress anyway?

I happened to peek at a few of his followers’ sites and man, some are really really good. Definitely no paucity of talent in his hordes of readers. I felt “little” and wanted to cringe hoping the ground would swallow me up together with my blog. Other blogs are lovingly adorned with attractive photos and sundry other embellishments. Though I’m contentedly stuck with this WPTheme Twenty Ten because of its airy ambience, I don’t know how to make this site look any more attractive.

I confess to playing around with this blog in its earlier existence, tossing here whatever I did manage to come up with. When one or two discernible readers happened to turn up some months ago, I thought “Oops, time to clean up.” I began to delete the silly posts in a sudden frenzy.

I avoid reviewing my previous entries because whenever I do that, I often find saying any of the three to myself;

“Holy Crap, can’t believe I wrote this maudlin nonsense.”

or  “Yikes! Why didn’t I notice that grammar boo boo before?”

or  “I seem to sound redundant in this part.. and over here.. and here too..”


A few contradictions might have even popped up that escaped my awareness. It’s because I simply jot down whatever goes inside my head. I admit too to changing my perspectives from time to time brought about by (I guess) dizzying information overload :-). I’m not assiduous either when it comes to confirmation of exact dates. You might have noticed most of my entries have mere estimated periods. Though the idea of keeping a diary or journal in my younger years seemed so quixotic and appealing, I never did keep one. Admittedly, I have been a bit lazy to do research so as to confirm actual dates of my life events. That has been a puny glitch.

This blogging sphere that has accommodated my lightweight mental strength and garden-variety writing dexterity has undeniably supplied me with abundant benefits that truly matter to me. It is my hope everything that arrives on the pages of this blog will constantly be worthy of my reader’s attention. There can be no guarantees though brought about by my limitations being a resident of a country where English is not the principal language.

But that the wheels are in motion now could be enough to cling to the hope.

So from Bohemian Asian lady to Mr. Bronx boy of Canada, “Thank you very much. You are indeed one of a kind.”


7 thoughts on “In Appreciation of The Continental Blogging Award

  1. I completely agree with each and every word you said about Charles. I remember the first time he commented on my blog, I almost fainted. It is really exciting to see that someone shares my exact feelings for him. It’s almost like we’re part of a cult or something now. 😉

    I wish you the best of luck for your blog. Now that you’ve gotten more exposure, you aren’t that far away from WP fame yourself. 🙂

    • You’re right. I thought at first I simply joined a fan club, but the cult thing may be more like it. 🙂
      I’m not so sure about the WP fame though. I’ll probably just dream about it.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this piece and drop a lovely comment, Saara.

  2. Charles is one of my homies! He and I were both born in the Bronx in the same year. And I agree, he’s a hell of a guy and a great blogger!

    As for typos and grammar errors, it’s been proven that the number of proof reads required is always N+1, where “N” is the actual number you did. Oddly, this rule holds no matter how large “N” is. Sometimes I think the bugs appear after I publish, ’cause I’m really sure there weren’t there before!

    • WS, I actually found you through the many amusing and scholarly comments you left in his blog. I am in awe, too, as to how Charles made blogging a very fine art. Both of us will likely remain his fans for life, don’t you think?

      Your English has always been flawless. And I don’t mean that as a flattery as I ain’t Sara Lee :-), but you’re surely aware you are all kinds of smart.

      • Perhaps… but as error-prone as any. My personal life has always been a bit of a train wreck. It’s been said that one head can only hold so much smarts. Most people more or less average out across the board. But people who are especially smart in one area are often especially dumb in others. Certainly true in my case!

      • Just wait until you get to really know me! I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life, and done plenty of dumb things. Book smarts is one thing I’ll cop to having. I even think I may have some wisdom in a few areas. But if I do, a lot of it comes from my mistakes.

        There’s a saying, “Experience is a comb life gives you after you’ve lost your hair.” You’re just meeting me after a LOT of life lessons! (Ironic how life sometimes shapes you into something worthwhile a bit late for truly experiencing that worth.)


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