July Babe Rhetoric (Coming Up Against a Brick Wall)

The rains have kept on coming. The rains that have never failed to mesmerize me seem to be taking up residence on my side of the globe. Still, these are the raindrops that hold promise to heal and cleanse the afflictions of my soul.

As usual, I can’t let go of this month without unloading here some stuff I’ve been lugging around. Hence, my July Babe Musings, or rather my July Babe Rhetoric.

I erased another of my oldest post again after finding out there’s one who managed to excavate the oldest remaining entry that features a beach photo with my totally unmade up face, together with my so-so bucket list. It isn’t a good idea. Deleting post archives I mean. But I got self-conscious considering that my writing efforts then had been quite minimal too. In all honesty, I get this urge every now and then to eradicate all of my prior posts.

It’s getting uncomfortable to have to watch what I say here. There’s a big difference between knowing who your readers could be and writing with faceless unidentified readers in the back of your mind. Because there are days when I simply want to blurt “Oh f*#k!” instead of “Oh great!”

Yes Scarlet, it gets tiring to be the proverbial good girl all your life.

Perhaps it’s time for a confession once again. When I try to ponder and see things more clearly, I can’t help but realize how many areas in my life are actually unmanageable. Or aren’t working well. There’s been a leak on the ceiling again, my teenee apartment badly needs some spring cleaning, I’ve neglected applying eye cream for weeks now, the mirror keeps reminding me how time can ravage all things corporeal, I don’t visit my ailing father that often, I can’t spend quality time with my child as often as I want to, etc. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I’ve been spreading myself too thin. And have I practically let the blogosphere eat away a sizable chunk of my time? Aaw, that’s excruciating to answer in light of the fact this special sphere has served me well as a welcome, intermittent release from my reality.

So what do I do?

Well, this is how I sail my ship to escape getting sucked into an abyss of the giant whirlpool. For the most part, I refuse to acknowledge the things that might assist on pulling me down. I mean matters that are beyond my control I do my best not to dwell on. It could have been a key element to my survival. It’s good that my job and other things mundane have been keeping me grounded for quite some time now. They’ve become a crucial force that shoves me to continue putting my one foot in front of the other.

Should I therefore strengthen the tenets that are meant to be held dear? I am not sure. The thing is, I’m just as uncertain and apprehensive of the present and the future as everybody else. I’ve still no possession of any magic formula for keeping afloat. Even with all the things I’ve learned, there are days when all I ever want is to curl up in bed, close my eyes, and sleep with the rays in the light of day.

People around me have been wondering if I’ve been keeping them away at arm’s length. It could have been a misconception on their part or they might be right to a certain point. Maybe I’m simply trying to home in on the things left that I want to do with my life. My time on this planet is getting shorter. I’m not a very sociable person as well. I tend to feel lonely in a large group. I thrive better in smaller groups. But the few people who managed to get close I have clutched dearly inside me. Sometimes to a fault.

My thoughts can’t help but fall hostage to my emotions. Passion has this power to consume my whole being, with a dash of drama magnifying on its own tailing behind. How many times have I released my heart out into the wild only for it to seek the path of least resistance to unmitigated rupture? How many times have I tempted fate by giving this heart away? What do I do when mellow sensibility refuses to go hand in hand with a reckless spirit? Call me quixotic, call me impetuous. I could have been misconstrued and deemed impractical. Or illogical even. Needless to say, I could act only within the vicinities where my affections reside. Never with an ax to grind.

People take for granted the opportunity to be able to float in the air of freedom, where everything feels light. A respectable degree of liberty from the leash of sentimental bonds can be soothing. I have always longed for that. Oftentimes I simply want to take on the spirit and essence of the quiet. Nothing to ruffle the calm.. in between states of mind..

But just when I think I’m ready to leap and swim my way in the sea of serenity, something will come up from behind to snatch me from my stance. Do they know I have been waiting for this shot in tranquility for a long time?

My autonomous veneer has served as a smokescreen for my bashful soul. What people don’t know about me is I crumble easily.., and in silence.., coz I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. Venturing into the meadows of uncertainty could as well only tighten the tethers that bind me to heartache. How can I possibly take back any scintilla of power that gets hurled out the window after my feelings have compelled me to follow their commands? How can I extricate myself sooner from the shackles of wretched emotions?

How can I trust love again and again when most of what I’ve learned of it has only ever hurt me?” A rhetorical question that brings forth a cemented wisdom from one of my most favorite bloggers. He has always known how his sometimes unruly mind can generate words of beauty like sprinkles from the sky. His every sparkling word I yearn to catch with my bare hands. My brain which at times is in danger of short circuiting when I try to grasp out-of-this-world rhetoric rolling down the pages of his site. Nevertheless, he renders me breathless.. Or I just literally fall off my chair. Every time. In a league of his own, he could be one of the best kept secrets within the confines of WP. I hope he never gets to be Freshly Pressed. Because I don’t want to have to jostle my way to a crowd just to click Like on his post or make a comment. I know, I know. That’s a bit selfish on my part. But a touch of exclusivity has never lost its appeal to me.

And then, there is this other fellow.. This one who brightens me up with his grace, pragmatic intelligence and wit. I wonder if I’ve become a bundle of contradiction here once again. But oh, how I lie in glory with the feeling at times..

What do I do when I’m currently mooning over someone who also happens to be breaking my heart?

Go with the flow of inspiration I was once told.


To my beloved Muse, You who helped me carve out my own truth. For you who could see past the secrets of my soul. In ether or on earth, my thoughts can only fly out to where you are..


8 thoughts on “July Babe Rhetoric (Coming Up Against a Brick Wall)

  1. This is lovely and heartbreaking. You write so beautifully about this person. It makes me sad that he’s currently breaking your heart.

    • Oh Madame, you warm my heart with your presence here. I’m so glad you took the time to read another post of mine.
      Don’t worry about me. I’ll get over him soon. But I’m kind of hoping the inspiration to write won’t vaporize together with the fading of feelings.
      Though only one has been breaking my heart, I have to say both those guys are worth writing about.
      Thank you so much for your charming comment.

  2. I hope you won’t keep giving in to the urge to erase any more of your oldest posts. Your writing will surely continue to improve, and you may be tempted to remove all evidence that it hasn’t always measured up to your current standards. But recognizing where you once were can help you see where you are now.

    About hiding your true self from known readers: the people who keep coming back do so because they want to know the real you. And if you think the real you is too much of a mess to expose to the world, well, welcome to the club.

    Rearrange your priorities if you feel the need, but please don’t try to be anything other than a bundle of contradictions — that’s the most human thing you can be.

    And keep writing.

    • I’m quite impressed how you are able to handle the comments section on your blog with ease and still find the time to open my undistinguished blog. You are such a class act, Charles.

      I’ve been digging into your post archives by the way and it’s really been a pleasure for me. It’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. I never know what I’m gonna get next. 🙂

      It’s been raining continuously all day today. I love this season anyway. After seeing your comment, I look out the window and the rain seems to have taken on some lovely hues. Perhaps a rainbow would be next with your name spreading across the sky. That’s going to be a breathtaking sight.

      I promise I won’t delete any more of my previous posts. Thank you for your support and advice. I’ll be taking them to heart, Bb. XO

  3. Beautiful post….. Ah, guess what, I feel the same way you do about some bloggers whom I wish wouldn’t get Freshly Pressed. I just want to keep them all for myself. It’s selfish, but looking at the Likes , I now feel so abandoned… ha ha ha.

    • Hi renx! I’ve no idea how your comments ended up on the wrong side of my dashboard. I’m so thankful I took a look at that side this morning and was able to retrieve your comments. Really sorry about that.
      Thank you for taking the time to drop by here again. I’ve missed you.
      I wish I could share to you this special blogger who blogs like no other in this world we share. But I’m the possessive type, so… 😀
      Congratulations on your European trip. You are really one lucky lucky young lady.
      Cherish the memories.

  4. Marge — Quite the resume: “quixotic. Impetuous. Misconstrued. Impractical. Illogical”. Understanding those adjectives are coming from those outside you, they are resonating with you somewhere. OK. Fair enough.
    So here’s a thought: Einstein, Curie, Michelangelo, Joan of Arc, Alexander (of Great fame) and Jack Kerouac were ‘guilty’ of the same descriptors. Seems to me that you’re in better company than you thought. But hey, talk is cheap. I read you for myself. Now I follow you. You’re good. Step away from the DEL button – been there done that. Get over it. You’re on the right track. Looking forward to seeing more of YOU. Dan

    • Sometimes I just can’t believe my luck. The best bloggers would really take the time to visit my humble blog ang even drop an oh so lovely comment. Such a blessing.
      Hi Dan! I want you to know I feel exalted that my blog has been graced by your presence. I actually came to know about you when you left a moving comment on ntexas99’s blog. So I put you on my Favorites but couldn’t get up the courage to say something whenever I stopped by your site. Er, you already know I’m shy, especially around highly smart people. 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading my “silly” rhetoric and for your understanding. Yes, I’ll stay away as far as I can from the DEL button.
      Warmest Regards.


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