August Babe Musings

Heavy rains have finally come to an end. Not exactly a fan of the sun, I’m relieved it has come up today to say hi to my land.

This past two weeks I lived through the most rain our city capital has seen in the last 20 years. You know that when it rains here, it jams. Automatically. That’s just the way it is. So you can imagine the staggering cost the recent non-stop monsoon has inflicted upon us.

What else could possibly be scary to me other than the massive flooding? Lightning bolts and thunderstorms. Especially when I’m outside walking on the street. Every flash that strikes makes me feel like it had missed me by just a few feet. Really. The Gods certainly have found a way to castigate me for my past misdemeanors.

Work had been cancelled last Tuesday due to the subsequent deluge. I decided to stay away from the TV to avoid the 24/7 play by play description of the calamity taking place which could possibly erode my spirits. Instead, I watched a couple of my favorite movies. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is definitely one of the films I don’t mind watching again. Charmingly sappy and cute. “Spiderman 2” is another, what with (Kirsten Dunst) Mary Jane’s version of the runaway bride at the end of the movie, her face blissful in love as she races down the street in her long white gown, escaping from her wedding ceremony so she could surrender into the arms of her true love Spiderguy Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Now that’s what I call pretty romantic.

By the way, dear mister, long gazing out the window can be an enchantingly poetic scene I believe. And given the right blend, melodrama can be stunning.

So are lots of tight embraces and fervent kisses. Definitely sweet.

Ok, I’m probably all feelings with no choice but to revel with who and what I am. I am a woman, demmit.  🙂

That’s fancy talking here once more.

Sometimes I feel guilty of slamming words out in the ether only to wish I could take them back afterwards. Initially I figured they won’t probably stick anywhere because we are essentially in a vortex of virtual reality here. If there’s a hard truth I’ve learned in this cyber planet we share, it’s that whatever’s been written can only be taken for its face value. But who am I kidding?

Me and my silly mouth.. or rather my reckless fingers for having typed something rash can be a trouble in the making.

Under no circumstances am I trying to make things happen for profession of such silly nothings, believe me. My general reputation for reticence and passivity can attest to that. Sometimes, I am merely steeped in the sensation and beauty of the moment. I may sit giddily with my heart throbbing on my sleeves, my eyes probably twinkling brighter than the stars above.. Or I can forever be under a spell of a lovely, century-old locket I’m holding which has the power to transport me back in time.

bunch of dainty, nice smelling flowers left in our ladies’ room the other day

My dealings here have been quite limited I admit. It’s never been my style though to invite people into my life and then proceed to show them I hardly have time to accommodate them in my schedule. I certainly don’t get it when someone does that to me. It’s so easy to tell when the person does things with me half-heartedly.

So my resolution: I will only handle what I can afford to. No biting more than I can chew.

And I still hope that in the end, things get to round up as a blessing in the skies. I mean, blessing in disguise. (Sheesh, what made me say that?!)

Shucks! Reality sucks! 🙂
Perhaps I deserve some reprimand for spending too much time with the computer again. Darn #%@! I really do like it here. Nothing relaxes me better than surfing, opening other people’s sites and reading, until my eyes have had enough and my bed starts its siren call luring me to surrender to it. I guess I’d better do something else to wean myself away from my beloved netbook. Like take my cat out for a walk. Or visit my loquacious Aunt Ida who lives in the other side of the town. Or go out try drinking the night away with my beer-loving students.

Nah. I think I’ll simply settle with my cute feline friend that adores me come rain or shine.

C’mon, dear Kitty, let’s go out for a walk.



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