February Babe Musings (The Month of Hearts and The Awesome MrMary)

“It’s the love month!” – my sister posted in all alacrity on her FB wall on the 1st day of February, which prompted me to reply, “Oh alright, I have to rush and reconnect with my French model boyfriend I met on the Internet who moonlights as a linguist, so he can express to me the romantic three-word sentence in at least a dozen different versions.”

I wrote that in jest, of course. A nuance of cynicism towards her surreptitiously intended. Anyway, as it’s currently the “month of love”, everybody is going to write about it and I am no exception. But that will have to materialize in a succeeding post because the hub of my musings for this month is about a blogger pal of mine whose recent gesture has been surprising to me – in a most touching manner.

I am talking about the awesome MrMary – the one who has become a dear blogging friend to me; the one who went out of his way to put out a back to back feature on a recent post of mine (He’s basically got a generous heart for his fellow bloggers). He first kicked things off with a reblog; which he followed with a post expressing words of tenderness and empathy. A virtual hug of solace and a couple of touching vlogs  (video+blog) were included, too. And then he ended it all with a beautiful heartbreaking poem from Victor Hugo. It was so unexpected and sweet of him to do all that considering our interaction has practically been limited to clicking Like in each other’s blogs and my dropping a commentary in his site every now and then. It’s one more proof how a gesture from another sympathetic blogger can bring solace, and kindness that breezes through your heart – you end up thinking it’s still a nice world after all.

Now let me talk a little more about MrMary whose real name is Dave. We are talking about one very bright guy here – and a darling of a blogger at that. And can be very much funny, too. Being a history educator for grad students, this guy can easily fork out quotations from a number of the most respectable minds that ever lived on this planet. A dash of David Foster Wallace here, a little of Baudelaire there, something from the great Charles Bukowski, and many others. You get them all. His vernacular can shift in many interesting ways, providing you with perspectives beyond the confines of standard rationalism. And if, like me, you delight in some kind of regular movement in a blog, do click on this guy’s site as it’s no sweat for him to generate more than a single post in one day. Scroll through his archives and you are sure to find something that might just be your cup of tea. Most probably, you’d stumble on a gem that carries his 24k perception and insights about life and indispensable issues. I’m telling you, the guy has substance. And I still haven’t gotten to what he possesses in terms of wit and humour.

A little caution for the weak-hearted though; his treatment of a subject matter at times could get audacious – leaning a bit on the daring side, which nevertheless his readers including me practically go for. No topic is off-limits as he’s competent to pull off an intelligent discourse about almost anything, while nonetheless courteous and polite in the comments section.

He referred to me as a sweet type of person. I like that. But wait, a speck of reality check here: ok, the term has been used several times by people to describe me – yet every time I hear it, I say to myself, “Me? Sweet? They couldn’t possibly be talking about me.” So I may as well allow you to get to know me better. I tend to be sweet only to friends and family members I like. I can be all sugary and genial habitually to my favorite people but I can also be apathetic to the ones I couldn’t care less – er, sometimes to the point of cold-heartedness. As I’ve stated before, the owner of this blog is no angel.

Although nowhere in the vicinity of this man’s cerebral acuity, he reminds me a bit of myself, especially in my younger years. Frank, intense in several ways, bohemian in certain modes. Show us niceness and we’ll try to reciprocate tentimesfold. There can be no obscurity as to who we really are because of our need to thrive on savage honesty. Another well-guarded trait is this fierce loyalty to (in my case, selected) members of friends and family – which is beyond question.


Every now and then I get this yearning to be infused with wild wisdom; for a few radical beliefs to look me in the eye. Lacking in the smarts department, I crave for a seat in the audience of the best and brightest writers of WordPress. The ones who can pull me a step higher than my current intellect. I am that desperate in that area, you see.  🙂  Hopeless dreamer, you think?

Below are links to some of my most favorite posts (although there are many more others) from MrMary’s A Spoonful of Suga so far. You might like them too.

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In the vlog he dedicated to me, MrMary has nailed it when he said that for as long as the people who reared us are still around, we are secured in knowing we are somebody’s child. But when they’re gone…well…

How am I doing nowadays, you might ask? Honestly, my sadness still varies in tone; my outlook still seeped in cold monochrome. Some days are ok. Some aren’t. Huge shadows of regret and guilt still pop up anytime which could hurl me several steps backwards. I am aware there’s no quick path to getting from here to a comfortable reclamation.

And I don’t want to give the impression that I am this much close (See my two fingers almost touching together) to slitting my wrist. No, no, no… Never did I have any inclination for that and no intention at all to scare away my readers. I know I must strengthen my coping skills. I’ve got to concentrate on other matters. It’s the only way.

Please know that I am grateful to all of you who took the time to visit and drop comments here; to each and everyone who gave me support and loving kindness. As I’ve learned, leaning on your fellow bloggers could be of substantial aid on your way up and out.

Thanks to you all.

Thank you, Dave.

12 thoughts on “February Babe Musings (The Month of Hearts and The Awesome MrMary)

  1. Hello Marj:

    Received your e-mail and understand your admiration for your blogging friend David, a.k.a. MrMary. I’m starting to read his work, and indeed he has something between his ears. Always revered people with a good mind, a great sense of humor, and the ability to weave words. That’s one of the many things you have too, as well as David. Every time I read something from people like you I get better, because I learn something new or feel differently.

    Thanks for the links. Like a good Boy Scout I’ll read each and every one of David’s blog posts. At the end of the day, I will have escalated a few steps up the ladder of knowledge and wisdom.

    Oh, before I close. You are as sweet as a jar of honey. No kidding. “Cross my heart (and hope to die.”

    Panama is celebrating the wild Carnival, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday as they say in the States. People are celebrating as if the world would end tomorrow. The only thing, Panamanians take seriously are the Carnivals also known as Carne Vale.

    Take Care,


    • Dear Omar,

      You can be so delightfully witty, and very funny, too. I am glad you showed support for this post of mine. Thank you, my dear friend. The truth is, I also become a better person whenever I visit your blog. You have so many interesting things to show and tell to your readers.

      You also think I am sweet. Eh, that’s because you haven’t done anything yet to upset me. But you just wait…LOL

      So, will you be dressing up for that very important occasion tomorrow? You are going to write and post photos about it on your blog, right? Can’t wait to see them. Do have lots of fun.


    • Omar thanks for the comment. I see you are living up to your name and are truly eloquent.

      I am glad you didn’t have the opportunity to talk to my significant other or family before you posted. They would have emphatically told you how there is in fact nothing between my ears. 🙂

      It’s great to meet you

      Nice to meet you Omar

      • Hi Dave:

        Nice to meet you too through the “nothingsphere”. Amazing it’s only ones and zeros, yet they flow through the nothingness and carry a message whatever it is. Wow!

        Marj was right, There is something inside you that conveys a meaningful content. Maybe it’s your linguistic knowledge. Words are powerful communication tools, and if you know how to use them correctly, the world is in your hands.

        Regarding my name, I’m sure you already know it’s from Persia and it means “tent maker” or something like that. Omar Khayyam was a famous poet, but his literary skills didn’t rubbed into my genes. I can barely write. Omar Bradley was a famous U.S. general and I hate guns. What more can I say?

        I’m still in the midst of reading your work. So much to read, so little time.



    • You praise so sweetly, Paul. Your presence here and your every comment are valuable to me. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my posts.
      Yes, I’ll do my best to carry on. Take care..

  2. Hi Marj:

    At my age, I don’t have to dress up. Nature has already dressed me up on a 24/7 basis, if you understand what I mean. At 66 you have a perfect Carnival costume—that of old age. 🙂

    I usually stay away from the large raucous Carnival’s crowds plus my camera could get damaged due to water that is sprayed from large water trucks. I prefer to view the parades and revelers’ vehemency over the TV. Sorry about that. Age takes its toll, and it ain’t nice, let me confess to you.

    Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro are the ones to watch up close. In my opinion they are the best in the world. Those guys really know how to define the French expression “joie de vivre”.

    Best Wishes,


    • Ah my friend, our blogging world has got rules you might have somehow forgotten. Rule#1: No mention of age in numerical (or whatever) form – most especially for women. LOL. 😀 Seriously, the interesting and vibrant minds of bloggers – like you – don’t reflect their biological age. Is there anything more inspiring than that? You are very much young at heart and in mind. That’s what truly matters.

      Thank you for another witty comment, Omar.
      I hope you enjoy this special day in the comforts of your home.

      Warmest Regards,

  3. Hi Marj:

    Yep, you’re absolute right about the age rule; specially for women. Ouch! In the final analysis, age is after all a state of mind. You are as old as you want to be. Inside of me I sometimes feel old or young, depending on my mood. Most of the time though, I feel 20 or something like that. My gosh, I broke the age rule again. Darned! Sorry about that, Marj.

    Take Care,



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