May Babe Musings (Rehabilitating My Writing Circumstance)

The sentimental in me won’t give this site up. This blog has served me well as I continue to be appreciative of my overall blog journey. I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs of the sparse authors around WPress whose avant-garde writing talents are way off the charts, at the same time that I enjoy rendering my prose here in the form that best suits my style and temperament.

I originally had intended for this blog to serve as a journal. Like a diary in its truest form. I’ve already put too much of my essence in this blog. With – Horror of Horrors – images of me and my family to boot. Still I can’t manage to let it all out most of the time – for one reason or another. You see, I’ve no intention at all to rile anyone up with how I see or interpret things my way. Some folks could find my notions either peculiar or radical, not to mention my concern that someone might take offense – or worse, think I am casting aspersions or getting personal with anyone. No. Ruffling feathers isn’t what I came here for. I really just want to put my f*^#ing thoughts down.

Nothing much could lead me to destruction except for the consequences when my foolish heart lords over my hard-earned wisdom, or when I’ve unintendedly worn it on my sleeve. When my hazy emotions start bungling my reasoning faculty, the best course could only be to write things down. For better clarity.

Sylvia Plath in her element
Sylvia Plath in her element

Ergo, I’ve decided to put up another blog, where I can slam into whatever in me that was screaming to be let out. Perhaps then I can get bolder. No holds barred. The subject of religion will be included. No issue to dodge even if matters start to pummel or tear away too much flesh.

It’s a blog as well for my tiny forays. Where I can tinker with the different arts in the repertoire of my written skills – hopefully spreading tinges of sangfroid and sass to my blogging adventures. Subsequently serving my readers some tea of both light and dark in the diffusion of my presumptuous notions. Pretty slick huh. (So how do you like me now? ;-))

Maybe this time I’d be able to dabble a bit on, ehem, poetry. Finally. I intend that it be the blog where I can speak of love, like a silly girl barely out of high school. Talk about sex even. Hey, I’ve seen some blogs do it. If they can do it, so can I!   Okay, (calm down)  I’m just kidding. I’m not good at description narrative so I’m sure I won’t have any success in writing about it even if I try to.

Rest assured, if the entries are safe enough for your viewing, they get imported here – for this site remains to be my principal, most valuable, and dearest blog.

What about my son, for whom I dedicate all this so that he may know me better as a person someday. The question is: Will he fully comprehend everything – heavy stuff and all – I’ve written here? He’s no longer a baby (I still treat him as such from time to time though). He just turned 21 a few weeks ago. I had a heart to heart talk with him years before. He already has full cognizance of his Mom’s circumstances and life’s imperfections. My son, whose sense of deep peace I get to envy at times, will understand. That I am sure of. One more thing, he also knows how wacky his mom can get.

God, how I love my boy.

Meanwhile, let me hop aboard yonder ship, in case my juncture has begun to roll in to my dear readers’ psyche.

****** The About page in my new blog******

I believe myself a rational being. Which is why I want to take on writing with a new sharpness. A new faith.

I’ve built up this other nest. In this new domain, may the atmosphere of love, beauty, and truth most especially, prevail. Along with my diction, my heart, my visions, my soul. After all, I still aim for a most serene existence – punctuated by wilful or accidental happiness. That I may dance with the never-ending promise of a rainbow, after the thunders unforgiving and the punishing rainfall. May it touch at my own secret thoughts from my own secret self…before the words eventually, are carried away by the winds.

My rose garden is now ready in full flight.

Cherry blossoms are splendid, too. And I think I love her lipstick shade.

14 thoughts on “May Babe Musings (Rehabilitating My Writing Circumstance)

  1. I’m reading above, and I’m thinking. So tempted to go have a sneak peek at the new blog. Not sure if rehabilitating fully covers it all, I think there is a touch of parallel divergence riding the undertow of your dormant creative, and linguistic nature towards writing in two realms.

    • Like they say: If you give in to temptation, you just might end up with regrets. Give me a little time, Sean, to ‘polish’ my (cough cough) “poetry” skills, that is, if I don’t end up deleting the new blog in the process .

      The last sentence of your comment made me like you a thousand times more (from my self-jest above) – after I reached for my dictionary and struggled with most of the vocabulary . Seriously now, please don’t let the About page fool you. I’ve found out poetry writing demands a lot more creativity and dedication from the poet – which your kind can easily meet.

      I’m happier today because of your kindness and generosity. It feels really good to have you around. Thank you, dear blogger Sean. And do keep on writing classy and beautiful works of art.

      • I won’t look, respect you marj, you have a stronger grasp of the language than many in this country.

        Poetry is creative, my mother used to write poetry, more about humourous events or situations about a little town in the bush. It does take time, and effort when we want to pursue a specific topic for the poetry that is not natural to us.

        Always good that a weekend starts out happy, can not wait to see more artistry to your poetic voice emerge. Thanks again…

  2. I have always found at the core of writing the want to express one’s self without recrimination or attack from others. It makes me conflicted every time I write something. I dont want to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings but at the same time I dont want to stifle my spirit and my own voice. At the end of the day I feel that if one is drawn to write, and accepts it then it is easier to speak freely. I am reminded of the quote from Bukowski where he says:

    take a writer away from his typewriter
    and all you have left
    the sickness
    which started him
    in the

    I have noticed something interesting with blogs. I had a blog where I catalog for other this journey I was taking , and after 2-3 years I had changed so much I could no longer write there, the initial intention and who I had become were no longer compatible. So I started the blog you know me for. There are no guarantees it will be more permanent than my other blog, but for now it’s satisfying and fitting.

    I feel ultimately that the greater the discomfort especially with certain topics for discussion the greater the chance is for growth. I wish you well and hope you bring us all on for the ride. Great post too, I should have said that earlier but I always appreciate your honesty.

    • See what I meant when I said that everything that comes out from you are as valuable as the most precious jewels? That we grow into more sensible and magnanimous individuals could only be the ultimate reward of writing – through the pages of our blogs – what prevail in our hearts and souls.
      Sometimes too, how I wish I could blog about every little thing that enters my mind, but I get apprehensive mulling over the repercussions. Knowing me well, you may already have an idea what I’ve been itching to scream out here – brought by recent happenings in my life. But I’m holding my peace for as long as I can. 🙂 Every so often, absolute honesty can have its price.
      Thank you for the Charles Bukowski quote – one of my most favorites from that exceptional man.
      It’s so evident how you’ve grown substantially as a person through your upscale writings and experiences. I am happy for you, my friend. Keep on trucking. 🙂

      • Absolute honest has its price I am very selective about what I post and How I post it. But sometimes inadvertently personal stuff comes out. I am very guarded person and unless someone is a friend I like people knowing only what i want them to know about them. There are many ways to tell something though, sometimes through humour everyone gets so wrap up in denying that the behavior being depicted is not them or laughing that they miss the underlying thing your saying, thats what I do. HIding myself in plain sight is usually the best strategy

  3. Since you like Bukowski I thought I woudl share something I feel applies to any form of writing:
    “The secret is in the line.”
    I have always tried to follow that advice. Blogging is the arena where I experiment with the line. It has improved my craft a lot when i look back on the older stuff I have written. It kind of reminds me of Flaubert and his focus for the ‘mot juste’. I look forward to reading more of your stuff


    • Just as I’m always excited and looking forward to what you have to say in your amazing blog, Dave. You are one of the genuine writers I wish to emulate so I must keep in mind Bukowski’s quote, too. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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