My Version of Brother Sun, Sister Moon

I want so much to believe my sense of humour has been elevated a notch or two by my long-time association with the official comedian of our family; my brother – who is a couple of years younger than me. However, there’s a bigger probability I am deluding myself. You see, he’s got this I’ll-make-you-laugh-until-you-pee-in-your-underwear brand of wit. It’s a talent I could kill for. Glib and gregarious, my brother can easily become the darling of any party. People enjoy having him around. A natural comic that he is, he can deliver a barrage of punch lines, sometimes with an accompanying pantomime that can turn a mundane matter into something hysterical. All I have to do is giggle endlessly. Or laugh out real hard until my jaw literally hurts, or I start getting tears in my eyes.

Most men are humorous, quite true. That is the principal reason I like hanging around with them. They almost always make me laugh and I get happier in the aftermath. Not to mention, they are lighter to deal with; in contrast to the heaviness I feel due to pettiness I sometimes encounter in my dealings with women. I have met several men who could be way out zany. Still, the number one funny guy on my list turns out to be this dear brother of mine – who’s got the engaging ability to come up swiftly with hilarious similes and crazy analogies about anything or anyone.

He’d insist, every so often, that our sister’s Chinese-looking young son is secretly the last Emperor of China. He’d lovingly remind us to be careful everywhere, and be even more and more extra careful; or else, we might fall into the swimming pfool (yeah it rhymes. Still, it’s plain silly, right? :-)). He will animatedly narrate to anyone who’s willing to listen, how he witnessed our mother jumped down a mere two steps from the top of an 18-flight stairs right after she convinced herself she’d seen a ghost in her bedroom. He tends to exaggerate, I’m sure, but that’s how he invariably becomes wackier.

This could be my brother's soul mate
This could be my brother’s soul mate

There was this phase, during our juvenile era, when he got crazy over pigeons and doves. Yes, you got that right – pigeons plus doves. I honestly couldn’t tell which is which. They are lovely, delightful birds all the same. Unlike girls, most adolescent boys don’t go gaga over the opposite gender yet at that age. They get busy with other more – I suppose – worthwhile (?) concerns. Even if we’re talking about, you know, pigeons. Or doves. All breeds of them – of sundry colours – I could have already laid eyes on in my teen-age years – thanks to my dear brother who collected and nurtured them aggregately in average-sized bird houses he built on the roof of our house. If Tarzan had his famous shout while up on a tree, my brother had his crazy loud clap, while up on the roof, to attract the attention of his flying pets. I also remember how he and his pals would bike their way twice a week to the nearest province and, upon destination, release the pigeons or doves they were carrying – mainly for the thrill of betting which one would find their way back home first. Incredible. In the early evening, he’d take some time to count them all and make sure his “babies” were safe and sound. My brother, needless to say, smelled of (pungent) dove 24/7 in all those years.

sis-broI simply want to home in on the positive, wonderful recollections I still preserve regarding my brother as I look back on my life these days. Things have been different. In the decades that went by, squabbles and complexities got in the way; partisanship divided us all family members. We don’t see each other often anymore the way we used to. Yet I still cherish my memories of the little brother I once had…from a long time ago when we were still little children. The little brother who looked up to me as his big sister. The one who constantly played and ran with me, and followed me everywhere I went. My baby brother, with whom I shared a P2.00 tall glass of delicious pineapple juice from our favorite community store to drink – after every afternoon that we finished biking around the neighborhood. My partner in crime (according to my parents) to boot, in picking up and taking home baby kittens that had been mercilessly thrown or left on the streets. The same little brother who’d come to me, during our grade school days, crying like a baby after his classmates had bullied him – which would incite me to hunt for and bully his culpable classmates in return (They shouldn’t have messed with my brother, ok? :-)).

Never the bookish, soulful type, my brother shares little in common with me. He and I are actually worlds apart in character. I’d like to believe my brother’s personality gleams with incandescence like the sun…while mine glows softly like the moon. Yet we’ve always had fun whenever we get together. Because when we do; he kids around, cracks jokes and executes his innate device for comedy – to show off perhaps or to benefit everyone in need of a laugh. I, together with the other members of our family, chuckle hard and get highly entertained. Every time. That has basically been the pleasurable equation of our blood alliance as of late – which suits both of us just fine. Just endearingly fine.

18 thoughts on “My Version of Brother Sun, Sister Moon

  1. Your brother sounds like a hoot. I, on the other hand, am humor-less. No one in real life seems to get it. (Except, surprisingly enough, MY brother!) And you are a thinker and a writer. A wonderful writer. Is there a TV sit com in the works for we three?

    • The great Mr. Paul Turney branding himself as humor-less? I couldn’t have disagreed more. You never fail to cheer me up with your every blog post – even if you do not mean to be funny. The comments you leave in other sites are delightful, too. Just like your brother, I believe I get you, Paul. Why do you think I always anticipate reading what you have to say next?
      What an honor and enormous pleasure it would be to spend time with you in a sitcom. Let’s start working on it! 🙂
      Thank you for your generous feedback (about me and my writing). You’ve always been a wonderful presence in my blogworld.

  2. I’ve two younger brothers like your brother. When they get together it’s like watching a live show, but they’re many thousands of miles apart these days…

    • And if you join in the equation, what happens? Hilarious bedlam, for sure. Funny guys getting together is just fun, fun, fun. 😀 It’s quite compelling witnessing comical interaction between men.

      You sound like you dearly miss your brothers, Sean. I hope you get to spend time with them more often.
      (Please pardon me for my silence. I’ve been away for days)

    • You’ve got a sister?! Yeah, I remember seeing a girl in your family picture when you were still children.
      Vacation…I wish…but no, I’m currently preoccupied ironing out work-related hassles and had to go some places. Couldn’t focus much on anything else – I went offline. But I’ll find time in a couple of days to bask on your lovely poems. Please bear with me.
      Your blog didn’t move for days last weekend, too. 🙂

  3. Marj my friend! Great post! Sorry it took so long to leave a comment but I just flew in from New York and man are my arms tired…. 😉 Don’t discount your sense of humor. Comedy takes many forms the ability to slip in a subtle joke where appropriate can be both effective and very funny… Sounds like you and your brother had a great time as kids and still maintain much of that today which is wonderful sometimes siblings can drift far apart as they get older…

    • My dear friend Martin, please don’t ever think our blogging friendship rests solely on the necessity that you comment on my every post. 🙂 You nonetheless know your presence is of massive significance to me because you’re one of the few who support me as a blogger without expecting anything in return. I always treasure that.
      It’s true. Siblings sometimes drift apart as they get older. I’ll be honest to confess I came from a dysfunctional family because my parents didn’t get along well they expected their children to take sides. Unlike other people, I’ve no problem admitting that because such unfortunate affairs do happen in many families.
      New York…wow. I hope it had been an enjoyable trip for you. By the way, you haven’t been posting any prose in your blog lately. I guess you’ve been busy. The photos you published were taken well, though.
      Thank you for your very lovely comment and for always being nice to me. Take care…

      • Ahhh, the New York part was a joke, though I’ve been there before this time I was just teasing. I will be posting more soon been working on a very personal piece that I’ve re-written a couple of times now and will probably rewrite one last time before I post it … 😉 I enjoy posting here and really like reading what you write Marj. I know I’m not any obligation to post here, and I appreciate that! 🙂

    • See?! How could I not discount my own sense of humor. Even the New York joke managed to escape me. hu hu… 🙂

      I’ll be looking forward to more of your blog posts in your site, Martin. Thanks again for dropping by.

  4. Generally speaking you must havea great sense of humor to be able to hang with people with great senses of humour. I am very very close to my sister I remember changing her diapers taking her to school, helping her with her chemistry tests lol .It is awesome to be an older sibling, especially when you get to watch your sibling grow up and do bone-headed stuff. We have shared so many laughs my sister and I. Im glad we are still close. I am an optimist sometimes to my detriment, maybe you cna still reach out and chit chat witn you brother might be fun?


    • Your sister must be having a ball her whole life for sustaining a close relationship with you. MrMary can be extremely wacky in his blog I imagine what it’s like to actually hang out with him.
      I do reach out to my brother every now and then especially these days that we both work for the same government agency (Hoo, I wish I could say he and I were exciting, undercover spies but we aren’t. We toil the lame, tedious task).
      This time I look forward to you sharing narratives of your personal history with the family.
      Thank you for the reblog and all the support, my dearest pal.

  5. EDITED (march 2018) My younger brother has got this I’ll-make-you-laugh-until-you-pee-in-your-underwear brand of humour. It’s a talent I could kill for. Glib, gregarious, and a natural comic, he is a darling to any social gathering. People enjoy having him around. His quick wit enables him to deliver a barrage of punch lines; by the same token that he’s skillful at turning something mundane into something hilarious. My participation falls on no more than my endless giggling. So drop-dead funny he is I’ve often found myself laughing out real hard till my jaw literally hurts or I start getting tears in my eyes.

    Never the bookish, soulful type, my brother and I share little in common. He and I are more or less worlds apart in character. I’d like to believe my brother’s personality gleams with incandescence like the sun – while mine glows softly like the moon.


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