August Babe Musings – The Power of Beauty

I have not been in the mood to write recently, but my monthly feature of babe musing has somehow been compelling me to turn up with a post once a month. Gratefully, I always find myself a bit happier as soon as I start writing down whatever has been bubbling inside my mind. I’ll be setting aside my attempts at verbal gymnastics temporarily and try to write more spontaneously this time.

I’d like to touch on the subject of eye appeal for this particular post because it’s the quality I am destined to lose sooner or later; made poignant by my having to face the mirror each day of my life. Besides, who wouldn’t want to deal with this subject especially if it has the promise to make us feel better or more beautiful and youthful? The concept of beauty is no doubt equivalent to the concept of youth which has never ceased being a negotiable asset everywhere, every time. Men make no bones about winning the love and attention of pretty young things even if they act start acting funny around them. Which automatically means you could get more easily what you want from men if you’ve got “the power of beauty (plus youth).”

I can’t totally fault the opposite gender for that because frankly, I prefer handsome men, too (What about younger, you ask? That’ll be another story for another post). When I was in college, there was this guy who liked me and wanted me to be his girl. He was delightful in conversations and could make me laugh practically non-stop for two straight hours. The problem was I just couldn’t make myself fall in love with his face. I chose the other guy with the dashing facade, yet with blander sense of humor. A choice I came to regret in retrospect.

But let’s get back to the subject of beauty in a woman. For a start, I have to tell you: I wish my nose were different, my forehead narrower. Morgan Fairchild has got the perfect nose, in my book. And I also wish I were taller. In my secret life, I’m Angelina Jolie. Minus her history of drug use, minus her past with Billy Bob Thornton, and definitely minus the six children (Oh, the twins can stay, they’re so cute I won’t mind).

beautiful lady #1 – Sharon Stone

My parents did put a lot of weight on external matters. They were convinced the ultimate success of a woman is largely measured by her physical attributes – and how she makes use of them to her advantage. In parallel, an aunt and two of my paternal half-sisters won the major title in national beauty competitions in some distant past. They subsequently married guys from well-to-do families. What’s more, my mother had unceasingly been infatuated before by the allure of showbiz she constantly dreamed of one of her children making it as a movie star.

It was literally my elder sister who had had the potential to make it huge – as backed up by the never-ending praises she got from everyone for her apparent good looks since we were children. Her facial features are more regular than mine. She’s taller (she’s 5’3, I’m 5’1) and has fairer skin. She’s nearly perfect – and I’m not exaggerating. She’s smart and talented to boot. As a consequence, she made it successfully in the field of broadcasting and married a guy from a rich family. What about me? Shucks, don’t ask.

beautiful lady #2 – Lucy Torres – a filipina

Truthfully, all my life people have labelled me on the side of beautiful – for the principal reason that I am a “mestiza” (with mixed blood), even though I can never be considered drop-dead gorgeous. No way could I match my sister in most aspects so I appeased myself with whatever God-given assets granted to me in birth. An amusing incident three years ago gave it more credence when a customer, who had been frequenting my booth at my other job to buy tickets, casually said out of the blue: “You aren’t really beautiful. You just look striking mainly because of your fair skin.” Whoa. Hmm… Did that surprise or offend me? Not much – except for his temerity in telling it to me straight and his opaque purpose for doing so. I have always been aware of the truth of his statement anyway, and it somehow validated my own long-time perspectives about my looks.

It’s true that here in my country what’s generally accepted as beautiful connotes regular features and some rubric measure of prettiness. Like most Asian countries, we also have our definition of a standard beauty. My mother had once remarked how she found Jackie Onassis unattractive even though the latter had been hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. By the same token Angelina Jolie’s beauty isn’t the popular benchmark of a gal’s loveliness here.

beautiful lady #3 – waitaminit. That’s me! Yes! And don’t you dare object. 🙂

Here’s another thing you should know about me: I associate beauty with smell. You think you’re beautiful? Ok, but how do you smell? You see, I went to a neighboring Asian country a few years ago and found out that more than one-third of its population is made up of nationals from another huge Asian country which used to be a British colony. These people have dark skin (to my surprise) and inexplicable, pungent smell (because of their diet, I suppose) – their odor excruciatingly strong I almost fainted every time I was around them. Yet it was appalling that they are arrogant snobs who carry within them an air of superiority over other Asians, especially filipinos. I don’t know why. Perhaps they’ve been thinking all this time their species are endowed with a higher proficiency of the English language. Oh yeah? Frankly, they aren’t that good. As I watched them then act insolently towards others, I could only think, “Get real, you smelly people.” 🙂

Well, my real point is, cleanliness – both in looks and smell – is essential to make it on my list.

If I had to choose between beauty or brains, say, between looking exactly like Salma Hayek or possessing prolific writer Margaret Atwood’s cerebral skill, I’d go for the former. No contest. Yes I know; looks eventually fade and Miss Hayek will end up looking like a raisin after dozens of years, just like the rest of us will. But hey, at least I’d have a shot at marrying a multi-billionaire (she’s some very rich guy’s wife now, fyi) and romancing Antonio Banderas in a couple of films.

For the meantime, I am tired after teaching my English-deficient students all day in my job that pays little with non-existent perks (Whatta life). Please leave me in peace now so I can lie down in bed and begin fantasizing I am Angelina Jolie (with a clean-shaven Brad Pitt in tow).


12 thoughts on “August Babe Musings – The Power of Beauty

  1. People do put a lot of stock on looks and I admit I’ve taken a second look at a pretty girl or two… However really pretty women can also be very high maintenance and high maintenance and me are never a good mix. I tend to enjoy keeping things as simple as possible and when it comes to women I’ve dated looks are important but only to a point, cause as you point out they will fade in time and if I couldn’t enjoy just being with them then I have to trade them in for younger models… 😉 You picked 3 great examples of beautiful women for the post but I have too much activity lately from the first two, but I heard a rumor somewhere the gal in picture #3 has a swimsuit calender and FHM shoot coming out soon… 😉

    • “then I have to trade them in for younger models.” Pretty much the same when changing the tires of one’s car. he he…

      So, you’ve had too much activity with the two women. That’s my Marty. ha ha! I hope it left you enough energy for your two jobs. 😉

      Do watch out for my bikini calendar and smoldering FHM shoot. They’re gonna be a real treat for you men. 😉 😀

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, dear pal.

      • LOl a few typos on my part; I haven’t seen too much activity in regards to the first two women and I’d have to trade her in for a younger model… When I get tired I tend to drop words out of what I’m typing the brain has them they just get lost on the way to the hands… But I’ll definitely keep eyes open for bikini calender and the SMOLDERING FHM shoot! 😉

  2. Fortunately I just got out of the shower, so I won’t stink up the joint!

    With reference to your About page, you clearly haven’t lost any battles yet! (And FWIW, in my experience, Asian women age extremely well; perhaps better than any other.)

    Given my choice of door #1, door #2 or door #3… wow, tough choice! All candidates are right up there. However, given that I know (a little bit) the gal behind door #3, that makes the choice much easier (the devil you know is always better than the devil you don’t! :D).

    FHM… Familial hemiplegic migraine? 😕

    All seriousness aside, we have always revered beauty and handsomeness; they signify good genetics, and on some very deep level, that’s really all it’s about. (I don’t ascribe to Dawkin’s idea of the selfish gene, that we’re nothing more than DNA carriers, but we are driven by goals buried deep in our evolutionary past.) Art is about beauty often enough that many people confuse the two (but they are completely separate, as we’ve discussed before).

    And the world does reward attractiveness to the point that many very attractive people never develop well-rounded personalities (or sometimes any skills or abilities or character). They don’t need these things, so there is no incentive to develop them. Women also have the sex card; men want what women can provide. Those of us guys who look more like something that should live under a bridge have to develop personality, character and a sense of humor. (One of the most frequent good things women seem to say about men: “He makes me laugh.”)

    I would just as soon you did not look like Jolie, she never did anything for me (I’m not sure exactly why not). She’s not on any of my lists. (Actually, that’s not true. She’s on my “Good Actor” list, and I have a lot of respect for how she loves doing her own stunts, and I think she is trying to use her success to make the world a better place. I’ve just never found her terribly attractive.)

    Now,… about that bikini calendar… is there a sign-up list? 😆

    • Hi! Peak season at the academy has already ended so the bosses gave us a few days off – which has afforded me some good time on the blogosphere.

      It’s amusing how Angelina Jolie’s name has become synonymous with the word sex. I remember my sister telling me on the phone after the uproar over the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston-Angelina Jolie triangle: “Just look at what sex can do.” 🙂 I don’t go for some of AJ’s antics -like kissing her brother sensually (Eew!), but her rub-it-on-your-face sexuality can be admirably unique and interesting. Another thing, perhaps she could gain points as to her visual appeal on men if she put on a little more weight. I’ve read she’s highly intelligent, too.

      So thrilled you chose door #3. Lady behind door #1 is always carrying a knife, remember? Lady behind door #2 is actually so angelic you could grow unwanted white wings on your back. But lady behind door #3, well…what can I say, you already have an idea of the devil and the angel in her. 🙂

      “One of the most frequent good things women seem to say about men: ‘He makes me laugh.'” Oh so true.
      “Fortunately I just got out of the shower, so I won’t stink up the joint!” 😀 Great! I really like nice-smelling people.

      The bikini calendar will be available at the beginning of next year – as a supplementary page to “Familial Hemiplegic Migraine” magazine. Please wait…he he he

      • Jolie and Madonna have in common that I have a great deal of admiration and respect for them, but as “sex symbols” neither have ever done a thing for me. (Sharon Stone on the other hand, totally different story. Yowsers!)

        Enjoy your Friday off!

  3. People who derive self-worth solely from their looks almost have to be shallow and self-absorbed. They believe they are their looks, and as you said so well, when those looks fade, there won’t be much left. But this is a path our civilization has ventured too far down, and there’s no way we’re going to back up now. We can talk all we want about education, justice, and world peace, but what we mostly want is entertainment — and almost all of that entertainment is provided by the people we generally consider to be beautiful.

    • Oh my dear Bronxboy, I bet you don’t have any idea how much I’ve missed you…

      I guess I am one of the guilty for wanting entertainment much of the time. Still, I feel fortunate for knowing someone like you who is handsome, funny, intelligent, and has good character. There will still be a lot left even if you lose your looks in the future.

      I’m so glad you dropped by, Charles. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  4. I have noticed nowadays that 95% of the posts about beauty written by a women will always involve her being really self-critical about her looks. People put stock in looks, of course, but people also put a lot of stock in striped toothpaste war, class warfare and destroying the environment as well as gambling who Miley Cyrus will give a venereal disease to next.

    Granted I don’t want to marry someone who cannot give me an erection or a reason to take out the garbage after i just got home after a 12 hour stretch of time where I had to deal with nothing but assholes, and Im not even a fucking proctologist. But generally I have noticed from my own personal research and that of other men who have come before me on who’s shoulders I stand on, that people who are good looking then to have this sense of being privilege. They expect attention and to be catered to, a lot of times they are horrible in bed.

    one a completely random fucking note, – have you every notice that whenever someone says on a completely random note they never say on what instrument i came from yeah… anyways II had a filipino friend once who told me that the Filipinos are the blacks of Asia. We really bonded over that statement and enjoying the awkward depressive silence that came over the conversation afterward the laughing was done

    You know beauty doesn’t last, yea I’m back to that. Beauty doesn’t no one is flocking to the senior citizens home looking to give themselves up t a night of hip-breaking passion (literally) This was why I always thought giving flowers to girls was cruel its like saying your going to wilt away into complete and utter attractiveness and you will be disposed of without ceremony in the social equivalent of a pile of rubbish or a old plastic trash can that smells of a latrine on humid summer day.


    Im out be well

    • Dave, this wonderful comment is remarkably thoughtful and delightful. But wait, has Miley Cyrus really given somebody a venereal disease?
      Good-looking people are horrible in bed?! Ha ha! Then it’s a good thing I ain’t a true beauty. 😉
      You’re right, the filipinos are the blacks of Asia. Thank you for commiserating. 😦 I didn’t know you had a filipino pal.
      You honor me for taking the time to really read my posts and make a comment. You’re a gem, my friend, who’s also funny…and smart. 🙂
      Be well, too.


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