September Babe Musings – My Thoughts on Being a Full-Time Blog Reader and an Occasional Blog Writer

The number of blogs I religiously follow can be counted and summed up using the fingers on my single hand. I can’t accommodate more than that. Unfortunately, two of my favourites have closed down – apparently for good. One is a by a female therapist, the other, by a male systems analyst; both of whom comfortably employ figures of speech in their expressions like no other. A third one – who writes with bounce in his words and can engage anyone in a deep intellectual exchange at the snap of a finger is threatening to follow suit – which leaves me with only a couple of blogs I can visit whenever I spend time on the blogosphere. I admit that doesn’t bode well for the blog euphoria I’ve been savouring here for more than a year.

Perhaps it’s the blogosphere’s way of telling me it’s about time I came up to gratify myself with my own “stuff.” Ah okay, I’ve been thinking of writing short stories soon anyway. But my joy in reading has always taken precedence over my joy in writing. And as a reader, I have a propensity to remain loyal. The bloggers I’ve followed for more than a year can attest to that. On the proviso, however, that the blogger writes remarkably well (ahem, grammar and punctuation perfection an utmost requirement; If not, extreme intelligence and out-of-this-world metaphorical style can make up for the imperfections. Cmon, it’s my predilection and I can say what I want in my blog. :-)) It’s a relief to have found kindred souls who embody similar ideals and sentiments. It’s priceless to learn and get to know of others out there who feel the same way I do about certain matters. Since I am fond of both reading and writing, I consequently have taken a liking to the entertaining value of commenting. By that, I get to read a lot and also get to write a little. Quite convenient, eh? (Happy me)

It seems consistency is a hard virtue to cultivate or hang on to for the majority of highly talented people. But I somehow understand. What writer doesn’t get the feeling from time to time of wanting to puke on his or her own words? Yet I’ve seen bloggers who carry on relentlessly with the art regardless of lack of readership and zero feedback. Amazingly inspiring. The writers who keep on turning up with excellent prose and poetry even if it looks as though they haven’t got any followers and are practically “talking to themselves” have me in complete awe and admiration. Their kind continue to earn my compassion and respect.

Which brings me to the issue about how some bloggers lose interest when they fail to get the Freshly Pressed seal. I still don’t get some bloggers’ hankering to win the nod of the WordPress peeps. Somebody has to enlighten me as to what’s really the big deal in getting that kind of attention. Will the blogger get paid? Will he be able to procure a contract with a publishing giant for the “recognition?” Will he even be handed out a choco chip cookie for it? Aside from losing the privilege to blog in peace, it looks like replying to identical comments over and over again from various bloggers who turn up from nowhere is agonizing. What’s more, those bloggers who flock to Freshly Pressed pages as one-time visitors – are totally beyond my comprehension. Aren’t they aware they’re pretty much zombie-like in their mass clicking of the Like button and making uniform comments, only to disappear – never to be seen again – on the FP’d blogger’s very next entry? Worse, they seem to not even have read the prized article. No wonder a huge chunk of the FPressed beneficiaries closed shop within a few months. They must have bumped their heads somewhere and had that precious Aha moment to want to start all over again.

On a similar note, I’ve had commenters who had come here assuming I’d be enthusiastic to play the politics of the blogging world. I’ve only got this to say: Please don’t ever assume this blogger couldn’t tell the obvious fact you didn’t read what she had written. Nobody is that stupid I believe. Any discerning blogger knows if all you did was glance at the title or read a short paragraph in the middle or at the end of the post. You very well know I am not after the quantity of Likes or comments my blog post can garner. I confess I may have been guilty of the particular deed once or twice in the aggregate years of my residence on WordPress – for the elementary reason I had a hard time comprehending an unexciting piece the first time. But I always made sure I came back to reread what I had missed. If I took the time to comment or simply Liked your post, it’s a guarantee I did read your work.

And maybe I ought to put a Disclaimer here, too. Just like what a blogging buddy did on his wonderful blog. Clicking Like or ostensibly Following me won’t automatically engender reciprocity. If you’re that good and your subject engrosses me, I will read your stuff. For sure. Even if you pretend to completely ignore me. And if you happen to be handsome or funny and smart or possess all three, well, what can I say? I am forever yours.

I may just be kidding, of course.

love grammar


23 thoughts on “September Babe Musings – My Thoughts on Being a Full-Time Blog Reader and an Occasional Blog Writer

  1. Grate pots Marj! OOPS! I mean Great Post! Sorry me grammar and spelling ain’t wat they used to be… 😉 Sorry to read that some of your favorite blogs have shut down. I have no doubt that in the ebb and flow of blogging, some people say what they want to say, need to say, and then leave for other new and at the time engaging tasks or live just gets in the way of their blogging (that happens to me from time to time) I hear what you mean about reading other blogs and enjoying commenting, I’ve been known to comment from time to time especially on blogs I like. But I’m sure that others will rise to take their place. I hear you on freshly pressed, it would be fun to get the honor but it’s not why I blog personally and if it never happens I’m fine with that too… I’ve always enjoyed smaller more intimate groups then being lost in the crowd… You should write more I’d enjoy reading your short stories you have a gift at story telling… Of course your always welcome to comment on my posts, if you ever make it to the states we’ll go for Dim Sum and the obligatory fortune cookies… 🙂

    • Ha ha ha! I will hold you to that Dim Sum and obligatory fortune cookies when I get there, Marty.
      Please pardon me for the delay on my reply. I just got online – about an hour ago (after being offline since Monday night). Then I felt so happy to see you here. You’ve been consistent on reading and commenting as you’re a true friend, dear pal. Although it seems you are more interested in taking pictures of your interesting surroundings in your blog recently. Hmm… But I understand. Photography is a whole new exciting area for you. And you are quite a natural on it.
      I feel the same way about preferring smaller, intimate groups than being lost in the crowd. This much I assure you. With or without the Freshly Pressed seal on your blog, we’ll remain the best blogging buddies.
      Take care, Marty. I’m always grateful for your kindness and understanding.

  2. I’m pretty sure you’re kidding! 😀

    Once again, Door #3 is the interesting one!

    I’ve only been on WordPress for two years, but it’s been interesting to see how some blogs come and go. I’ve seen some stop abruptly and others apparently just run out of steam. Life may intrude or blogging may simply turn out to not be as fun as it seemed at first. I’m not sure I’m down for the count, just yet, but I am re-considering whether I’m getting any real satisfaction from blogging. The interweb has become much like the world at large, and now I don’t really fit in here anymore than I do in the world at large! But we’ll see.

    • Yeah right. You know quite well who’s at door #3 – the one who also happens to have that Disclaimer on his fabulous blog. So can you please inform him I’m so looking forward to his new posts?
      You are aware that most of the bloggers who discontinued their blogs didn’t just stop or disappear. They simply started afresh.
      Oh Wyrd, c’mon now. It’s the weekend. Please write about anything on your site. Tomorrow marks a special day for you, I believe. 😉

  3. Chere Marjo

    I liked this post it was sassy, a little bit of attitude. Pretty awesome!

    I can only speak for myself and the voices in my head but i think the reason why many of us initially started blogging is a very important factor in consistent blogging. I came on the blog to be myself, to express my outrage at things and be the clown I am in regular life here on the blogosphere for everyone’s enjoyment or sometimes, their disgust. I think the other issue is life. I know sometimes when I want to focus in on writing poems for publication the blog distracts me especially now working and teaching.

    I like to view my blog as me fishing in a bath-tub: there are no surprises but it is relaxing for a bit, I mean better than than mescaline and plundering the orifices of women who consent. I think we are a culture starved for attention. We never pay complete attention to things especially with our smart fones and tablets and as a result we have human interactions which are not sustaining in the slightest so we, following our social indoctrination seek filler and not real nutrition.


    On a whole separate note I think you need to let it rip. You’ve been a reader for a bit and now its time to give back to the community with all that ‘writin’ you got lodged in that brain of yours. Don’t be like Emily Dickinson and post all your good stuff after I am old and senile and hook to a machine to breathe that rarefied sanitized air right before I am about to be put out to pasture. (Subtle irony)

    I will hold your precious grammar hostage untl you get out your recluse readership and start shaking it 🙂 OK I think that is it I need to sleep and calm the fuck down. There a lil filipino neighborhood and restaurant near me I will look to you for recommendations soon

    • I just read your awesome comment and it made me grateful once again for having met you and being one of your (cherished?) blogging pals. I certainly wouldn’t want to do an Emily Dickinson act in any posthumous fashion. The only thing is – she’s got really good stuff and I’ve got none. 🙂
      I dunno about trying mescaline and plundering women’s orifices 🙂 but fishing in a bathtub sounds like fun.
      Your comment cheered me up, dearest friend . What a blessing to have you around. You take care.

      • Let me tell you a secret you are not the one to decide how good ur stuff is. You got stuff I know u got stuff , good stuff you just have to put it out there, like an eager woman in her early 20’s before the reality of relationships set in. Its always gonna be a gamble put it out there and see what happens.

        Have you ever just gone out and got down, just shake your figurative “money maker” You need to find a way to let loose, go a little mad you got too much talent locked away under the heavy weight of your self-deprecation. Go for broke!

        I have always liked the word plunder in English, especially when used in a lascivious sorta context. I hope I’m not scaring away readers for ya

        Hope you are well eating something with sweet yams in it


  4. If it weren’t for people who really read my work I would have stopped blogging long ago. It seems to me you are quite a rarity, being the devoted blog reader that you are. Your comments about the Freshly Pressed experience are very good. I really think, unless you are a certain kind of writer, by this I mean the sort who writes funny and well-written pieces and already have a huge following others who want a huge following want to jump onto, you won’t gain much from the experience. Yet, you are right, people are haunted by this desire to be validated by the WP gods, I guess, on some level we all want someone to tell us we are a cut above the rest.

    In my experience, the blogging medium has many traps into which a writer can fall (most of the people who start blogs are less writers, I think, than people who just want to communicate something of themselves to the larger world). For me, the biggest, but least obvious snare has been being irritated by how people behave in the blogosphere. The shallowness here can consume too large a percentage of my attention. This has been a problem, as obviously I need my attention to write about something other than the ridiculous habits of bloggers.

    I do wish you luck and good fortune with your own work. In the end this is what we are left with, I think. That’s what keeps me going anyway. Best, jj

    • I am so honored you took the time to drop by and comment here. I have always been in awe of your writing but felt shy to strike up a blogging camaraderie or become one of your commenters, and so I opted to simply stay in the background as a mere reader. I confess to have “lurked” in your previous blog (please pardon me for that) because I was not familiar then with WordPress as in how to Follow properly. I also felt little compared to the excellent WP writers who had been turning up in your blog.

      I admit, too, reading your prose and poetry had been a challenge last year because I didn’t have earlier exposure on the kind of metaphorical and avant-garde writing style that you have (There still are times when I have to read more than once a post of yours for full comprehension). I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers who could manage so far. Still, you are endowed with better acumen and depth to always stand out – not to mention the fact you are amazingly natural in your craft. Imagine how glad I felt when I found you again after you had disappeared for a while. I believe all your fans then and now would want to be able to write like you, but we just couldn’t and failed miserably. 🙂

      Thank you for your best wishes. I’ll try to do my best with my own work and I hope you keep inspiring us your readers with your remarkable talent, compelling life experiences, and valuable insights.

  5. I’m surprised every time a longtime blogger calls it quits. Actually, most don’t seem to call it anything; they just stop posting and fade away. I always end up wondering what happened. As for Freshly Pressed, you nailed it perfectly. For the most part, it’s just a sudden flood of one-time visitors who are looking for a little attention. In the end, it doesn’t mean much. What matters is the writing itself, and the connections it makes possible.

    • But I don’t think it is sensible to keep counting on the quantity of connections a blogger makes out of being freshly pressed repeatedly. Everybody knows the more people a person accommodates, the more shallow friendships he or she makes. If I were just to collect people for the sake of it, who would want to invest on a real or simply a good alliance with me? They are sharp enough to discern the next potential who’ll turn out better than them automatically becomes the “flavor of the month.”
      Just my two cents. 🙂

      Bb, you can call me Marj, not Lady from Manila. You know I have a name.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. People blog for all kinds of reasons, I suppose, but if you’re not basically writing for your own pleasure, amusement, or enlightenment, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. We already have enough need and hunger for approval – why start up a new avenue whose success depends on other people clicking some button? Far better to create a self-sustaining blog that you can enjoy alone, and others can dip into and share if they want.

    • Steve, I just learned this morning Jason Cushman of Opinionated Man is the latest popular blogger to have bitten the dust by closing down his site. Not that I go to OM’s blog; It reminds me, though, of our dear Doobster who I’m sure you also miss.

      “Far better to create a self-sustaining blog that you can enjoy alone, and others can dip into and share if they want.” Very true. I believe love of writing is the real key to blogging longevity; Validation from co-bloggers comes second.

      I’m curious as to how you’ve gotten this far: This is a blog post from two years ago, yet it doesn’t register in my Stats today :-). I’m quite glad you enjoyed reading this silly post of mine.

      • Poor old Doobster. Maybe he will return to the blogging scene one day? As for Opinionated Man, I’m afraid that I found him too … opinionated for my tastes. This is an old post as you say, and I think I found it by following one of those “Related” links. Old posts always stimulate my interest. I think it’s sad that they lie undiscovered and forgotten. Many of my old posts are some of the ones I’m most pleased with. Yet they lie in the digital wilderness, undiscovered and unloved. Poor old blog posts, they deserve some love.

    • I’ll go over your old posts as soon as I find the time because as you say “they deserve some love.” 🙂

      Be warned: I’m no scientist or philosopher like you and most of your blogpals. And I make silly comments, too. But you may feel mighty glad for having me as a loyal follower. All I ask is you pay attention to my comments — it’s hard for someone like me to come up with a sensible thing to say, and in straight English, ya know. 😉


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