In Charm, Somber, and Love

There is something to know at a given moment

when in slow degrees

her pensive ways

would let her slide by her dreams…

The dreams

which hide behind the walls of her mind,

how they yield supreme delight

after all the uncertainty and disorders love could bring.

She has taken her vows

to claim back the recollections

she has pledged to defend and cherish,

as if it could somehow bring back

the innocence that once belonged to her…

What she would give up

to ascend a wondrous, grassy hill

where an ardent breeze could touch her face,

beholding a view that would wake up her senses,

which might bring tempest or calm

or whatever drama the sky has held for the day.

She would appeal for a higher strength

to soothe the ache of her wounded heart

to seek an answer to the question

about a wrong kind of loss

and a destiny fostering the rudest of truths.

You see her now

As she genuflects in peace

with the images of yesterdays

that speaks of bonds, sweetness, and friendship

recalling past intensities that justified her deeds.

She imagines the sunshine in his smile

the way she relishes the dividends of his affection

adorning her with a love – that knows no bounds.

The secrets in their souls

their shared longings and hopes

they consumed with an emotion

under a glow of a subdued light

the shelter of the night had sworn to keep…

The heavens may hold no promise

for an apathy she ought to banish

of events digging into her sensibilities

to memories she just might lose forever.

That she is being renewed somehow

by such moments and sentiments,

renders the birth of another truth

she could only uncover in time.