October Babe Musings – Can Cash and Politics with Conscience Go Hand in Hand?

I’ve never liked politics, although I normally give my support to my favored political candidates by voting for them during election periods. Our incumbent president is one person I trust because he has vowed to remain true to the ideals of his well-loved parents. I can tell he’s doing his best. Other than that, the drama of Philippine politics is one area I don’t want to waste my time on.

These days, I can’t endure hearing anymore updates on the Pork Barrel scam which has nastily shaken up our country in recent times. What could be exciting in learning yet of another case of utter mishandling of funds by our government authorities? Surprisingly this time, the most popular members of the Congress and the Senate are figuring in the scandal. We’re talking about billions of pesos here, which has been manipulated to fall into the personal pockets of the wrong people instead of benefiting the right constituents. It’s embarrassing how the Philippines has become known widely, not just for its endemic poverty, but also for its deeply-corrupt officials.

Many are convinced the Marcos family, who had ruled the country for 20 years, set the perfect example of how the top leaders of a nation could get away with it all despite cases of plunder and murder that had been slapped against them. Imelda Marcos and her children currently are still enjoying their freedom, their wealth, their ostentatious lifestyle, and are even occupying congressional seats here as representatives of their home province. Unbelievable. We filipinos are that forgiving, I guess. Now it seems amoral fellows have come to rely upon the annals of misbehaving officials who were left unpunished – and to the forbearing nature of us ordinary citizens in the aftermath of their abominable financial deeds.

Personally, I don’t understand the psyche of anyone who can be ok with taking something that isn’t theirs in the first place. That’s outright stealing, of course, which is a crime. Eternal damnation isn’t part of my spiritual fears, yet I would never want anyone to suspect of my soul as negotiable if the cash was enticing enough.

As a tangent, you could also say borrowing money has never been a habit of mine. Alright, so neither is the habit of lending money, I admit (yep, don’t wonder why I’ve got few friends :-)). It is likely to lead to distasteful relationships, unpleasant circumstances – and the ramifications can be pretty heavy. I don’t know; the concept and practice of loan make me uncomfortable. Now you understand better why having a credit card is not my style.

Why does everything have to be about money in this world?

I guess this post states one more reason why I think I was born in the wrong country. Or the wrong planet. Or whatever.

A 20 peso bill with the image of Malacanang Palace - home of the Philippine president
A 20-peso bill with the image of Malacanang Palace – home of the Philippine president

8 thoughts on “October Babe Musings – Can Cash and Politics with Conscience Go Hand in Hand?

  1. I agree, people get way too obsessed with money. It’s important to have enough so far as it’s the method of trade by which we acquire things we need to live. But the way people drive their personal earnings to the detriment of others is unconscionable.

  2. To be like waves on the ocean, there will be those whom raise one up, and there will be those whom take the land to it’s lowest lows, while all still make a life within the waters passing.

  3. It has been said that ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’ I’m not sure it’s the root of all evil — I think lust places a near second — but it does account for a huge share of it. Our own government is mired in corruption and craven foolishness.

    It’s also been said that those who seek power are the last ones who should be allowed to have it. Pity there isn’t an objective test for mendacity we could apply.

    • I agree with all the things you just said. Lust, of course, factors heavily in a lot of evil doings – you’ll be surprised by the scandals it brings to our politics as well.

      Hey, I fancy the vocabulary you used here. And you’ve been blogging more regularly these days, I’m glad.

  4. “Deeply corrupt officials” seem to be everywhere, and maybe they always have. The thing that surprises me the most is that Imelda Marcos is still alive. Didn’t she die about five years ago? I could have sworn she did.

    • ha ha! Bb, Imelda Marcos is still very much alive. She’s going to outlive us all, believe me. You made me laugh there. I wonder where you got that presumption. 🙂

      You’ve always known it makes me happy just to see you… ❤

  5. Money, politicians, rarely a good mix. I feel it get’s harder and harder to vote with each passing election. I mean, democracy is a hugely important thing obviously, and you don’t want to be cynical about it, but man they make it so hard not to be. When all is said and done the value of any choice is determined by the options available. Just wish there were better options.

    • It’s a hopeless case in our country, I believe. Not only have we come to distrust all the politicians – we cast serious doubts on the reliability of the election process and its results as well. We’ve all grown suspicious and cynical about everything. It’s inevitable. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, Micah.


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