A Trademark of Resiliency

Something in his eyes

reveals about a history

of farewells and revivals,

within an earnest reality

way different from mine.


He had called from his province.

It felt good hearing his voice again –

A link to a yesterday

I’ve long since forgotten.

He said he’d be coming to the city.


We watched in silence

under a sheltering roof

the pour of rainstorm

which came at the right time.

Then we walked side by side

without direction,

looking for our silly shadows

in the grass.


His words made sense.

I like losing myself in his stories.

He’s been living his dreams

that lead him to a hallway

of many a colorful doors.


It seemed he understood

I sometimes carry my pain

everywhere –


I wept in his arms;

He hugged me with tenderness

as if I were a baby.

In a moment like that;

the vapour of friendship lingers,

redirecting me from a feeling

of comprehensible emptiness.


– marj 2013