Words with the Candle Burning

They’ve been gazing at the flame of this candle

candlethat keeps glowing in the dark,

as they sit face to face

within the beauty of their quiet space.

The potent hue being sent out by the tiny light

is polishing his face and shoulders

in golden subtlety.

Then he starts to speak

of a tumult in his youth…

She listens,

watching him search for the right words

that will clarify his past.

But it seems a darker shade of light

is holding him away from a story to be told.

Or perhaps he feels remorse

for some incident being echoed

by the ghosts of a long-lost love.

She’s about to fall into a dream

when he calls out her name softly,

pulling her back to their special place

where she feels safe and warm again.


-marj 2013