Repercussions To Be Expected

With my last piece, I chose to risk losing all my male blog pals for the slim chance my message would reach the consciousness of even a sole female in our blogosphere. I am tired of filtering out my words here so as not to slight my supposed buddies in any way. But the truth remains cultivating online friendship was not what I originally came here for. It would make me much happier using this medium as ground for expressing what’s on my mind – including the views I’ve held on for several years.


What was surprising was the dissenting assault that came from a mother in her early 30s, who not once did pay attention to my blog and who I tried to be nice to because, like me, she has had very few followers. Now I know she would dip her toes here – only if she could pounce on something and flex her belligerent disposition. The sharp sting in her particular post is in accordance with the sharp features of her face anyway. Methinks her reaction signifies her marriage sucks and there’s very little she can do about it. Absurd as it was, she even implicated my recent loss and family tragedy as instrumental to my post that dealt with my sensitive views about men and women. What’s the connection? Her comprehension must have gotten misplaced, most probably.

My message for you, married lady with kids: Since you’re younger than me (which translates to the reality I’ve learned nothing from your blog), and your English and writing competence not a bit impressive (to think that you are white), and you haven’t really said anything worthwhile on your site (it does little whether your name is Amy or Nasty btw), you are best advised to spew your vitriol here than doing it at “Your Place” as I don’t intend to click open your blog anymore. Rest assured, I’ll publish your comments and we can have an exchange of perspectives, if necessary.


If there was any apology to be offered by me, it could only be for the one who served as the locomotive for my previous post. I’m sure she wouldn’t be pleased if she knew the inspiration for that article germinated from reading her pages. My only point then was: if a beautiful, accomplished, well-experienced, talented, single woman would give that whole lot of unnecessary power to men over her life, what chance do average women like me have in gaining or maintaining some respect from the male readers of our blogging world? And where else could the rest of us find fitting role models who’d refuse to let men emotionally monopolize their lives? It’s crystal clear men have needed women more than women needed men, yet the majority of us gals, in comparison, are on emotional overkill just to earn the presence of some dude in our lives.

Maybe I had been guilty of the same deed, too. I couldn’t really tell. But I’m willing to mend my ways, if need be, and try harder to manage singlehood with more dignity. Maybe we could raise awareness for the benefit of the younger ladies who have every right to compel the guys in their lives to treat them better.

Prostitution, gender bias, and other discrimination issues have long been plaguing our role as the other half of humanity on this planet. Perhaps the least we could do is start shaping the minds of the younger generation that females are not as helpless, or dependent on male validation the way we always think we are.

There is hope for that, I believe.

8 thoughts on “Repercussions To Be Expected

  1. Best not to get sucked into these flaps; let the chips fall where they may. There are better uses of your energy and talent. You know you have good friends out here, and you never need to censor yourself. 🙂

  2. I have a battle between censoring and not censoring myself. There is nothing more life affirming that expressing yourself. It is like the beginning of the poem by Stephen Hart Crane:

    A man said to the universe:
    “Sir, I exist!”
    “However,” replied the universe,
    “The fact has not created in me
    “A sense of obligation.”

    To say how you feel is to affirm that you are a living breathing, thinking, and suffering entity. To live is to suffer in many ways. I do not know much about the plight of women around the world or in my own country.

    I rely on women like you and others to share your point of view. Everytime you share we as a whole move forward. Reading what you and other ladies write on the subject give me insight i didnt have before. That’s amazing if you think about it, that someone you cannot see or drink a refreshing beverage with can offer you new insight for your own life.

    Who wants to live in a word where everyone agrees all the thing? Growth isnt possible in those kind of situations, we need to have our thinking challenged.

    So with that said I hope you continue speaking your mind, how you feel, what you think etc. You have talent, a way with words and a view thats all your own. There is a phrase in Kreyol that translate to, people will shit on you if you let them. No one is ever going to be completely satisfied with what you say how you say it your logic, etc. At the end of the day you cannot worry about that because no on is walking in ur shoes and facing the challenges you are facing.

    Anyways ive written too much.
    Keep on writing!


    • Your long, thoughtful comments are always welcome, Dave. You’ve said it all; there’s not much I can add to what you have shared above.

      Your comment also reflected the reasons why I cherish my residence within this realm as it affords me to get inside the worlds and minds of bloggers I will never get the chance to sit across from or share a pitcher of tea with. 🙂
      Side by side with writing which fastens our moorings, time well spent here helps us gain the degree of perspective necessary in steering the direction of our lives. And with adequate attention, it makes us keenly aware of just how far we have yet to go.

      Always a pleasure to have you here, dearest pal. Thank you for your visit and comment.

  3. Um… wait… what? Whaddid I miss?!?! Interesting post.. I haven’t seen angry Marj before. I’ve been really busy lately… but point me at her, and I’ll give her a piece! (Of my mind, I mean.)


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