No Read No Like (Plus Stuff I Don’t Get)

The day the Malaysian jetliner mysteriously disappeared, my sister – who keeps up a jetsetting lifestyle – posted her concern for the fate of its 239 passengers and crew on her FB wall. When she called me up that night, I asked her for an update. Her speculation in all seriousness: “I guess it had gone down to the sea, or it had been swallowed up by a UFO.”

Her second guesstimate caught me by surprise I couldn’t help echoing, “Yu Ef Oh?!” Wait, this is my elder sibling who’s probably way way smarter than me as she had spent 20 years working as a newscaster and had hobnobbed with politicians and the who’s who from motley of societies throughout her career. I mean, UFO? Seriously.

“Sister, we’re at this stage of our lives (reaching middle-age), and you’re gonna tell me now a plane had been gobbled up by some loopy alien spaceship?”

She laughed softly then replied, “Who knows?”

If there had been a TV camera around, I’d have loved to turn my head and face it to show my indistinguishable expression; akin to what you see in a TV pun skit.

Another scene: In the academy where I work for, a long line forms every breaktime – during peak season – inside the ladies room. One time I informed my colleague we could go down and use the restroom on the third floor. Her resolute response (in Tagalog): “Me moo-moo dun!” [Translation: a ghost lingers there]

I went, “Huh?” I’m talking here about a co-teacher around my age who graduated from a university that can only take in the most astute minds of our country. “You believe in ghosts?”

She looked at me quizzically and answered, “Why, don’t you?”

I’m telling you, I could have made real use of that TV camera at that very moment.


Last week this bumper sticker question popped up on my FB News Feed:


I gave it a shot and responded: Don’t settle. I got several Likes for that. All from women. Go figure.


An on-off blogpal casually remarked on his observation that the number of Likes in my recent posts seems to have increased a bit (a teenee-eenee bit, I must stress). I told him he absolutely got it wrong because I’m positive I’ve been talking to myself most of the time here in my site. What makes me deduce that? Beside the fact it’s easy to tell from the kind of responses I get, my stats hardly moves at all regardless of those tiny boxed gravatars I’ve earned at the bottom of my post.

It perplexes me, nevertheless, how those bloggers could take for granted both the Like and Follow buttons – clicking them with utter flippancy. You’ve no idea the number of times I’ve considered changing my blog title to “No Read, No Like.” Really.

But allow me to let the cat out of the bag for the meantime: I am still haunted by the fact my grav photo can be found in the Like gallery of some blog posts that, in full candor, did not make an impact on me. I did it, for the most part, out of reciprocity to stranger blogs that Liked me and, also out of my perceived commitment to a few of my (former) blog buddies. Yes. I’d been weak I gave in occasionally to blog politics. Hu hu… Condemn my blogsoul to eternal damnation henceforth.

My face exactly at work when I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Anyway, as I keep on restating to my readers (if I’ve got any), you can accept me for the kind of feline scribbler that I am or, you are more than free to stay away. The Likes and Comments are useless and are not appreciated, in my contention, if they’re done in outright thoughtlessness or out of a sense of liability. Don’t worry about me: I can get used to having no one paying attention to me here once again (Hold it. Did I just say that? Uh, well…ok).

So please… NO READ NO LIKE!



My face exactly at work when I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and am feeling hungry and am plain cranky.

10 thoughts on “No Read No Like (Plus Stuff I Don’t Get)

  1. Sounds like no sci-fi, or supernatural, with UFOs, and ghosts out. If not real, how are the fictional kind, passable to read? When something can not be explained rationally, often the irrational makes for a reasonable substitute. So Marj, the look, actions, you were giving your sister through the phone, indescribable they must be… Watch out for when compulsory AV is in all phones, linked with global cctv vision, the crazy big brother sci-fi kind 😀 How’ve you been?

    • lol. I’ll keep that in mind from now on. They surely must be having second thoughts about my insignificant existence. They’d rather beam on real wordsmiths and true poets such as you. Thanks for the laugh.

      I’m fine, dear Sean. I thought you’ve been very busy lately and I didn’t want to disturb your calm. 😉

  2. Isn’t it funny, though, how — now that everyone walks around with a camera all the time — that (supposed) photos of UFOs apparently have pretty much dried up entirely? Likewise (supposed) photos of Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and so forth.


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