We All Need A Break

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink; I’ve got no vices. Nope, this isn’t a blurb about me that ought to be submitted to an online dating site. It is simply a bulletin of the boring existence I’ve been leading for almost years now. You may ponder: What then is igniting my ardour for life aside from fancying myself as some babe who has developed an ability to carry a sentence through to completion? (If you vehemently object, please be kind enough to keep your opinion to yourself – thank you very much 🙂 ) 


I do have another encompassing yearning as a human being. Nope again, it’s not what you think; not the kind that would call for a hot-looking dude and a sturdy bed. I already had enough of that not so long ago. (I’m kidding, of course)


I am actually referring to the desire of being able to travel to places I’d like to see. My parents never experienced riding an airplane – out of fear: Fear that somehow rubbed off on me, which can’t be good in pursuing a more adventurous life. My sister, nevertheless, has become a jetsetter. Don’t wonder how – she married into a rich family. In my case, years of scrimping and squirreling away had been the only way for me to be able to afford the two-week vacation tour I’ll be embarking on this June. I live quite simply; I’m not into buying stuff anymore. Travelling remains as the one unrealized aspiration on my list. Btw, my sister is coming with me. Considering our opposing lifestyles, you can already foretell the fate of my pocketbook when it’s over and done.

I had really wanted my son to join me, but he thinks it’s such a waste of money. Besides, he’s just been newly hired by a good semiconductor firm. Still, how I wish he’d be the one to enjoy this journey with me.

Am I excited? By all means. Am I worried? You bet. What’s gonna happen? I’ve no idea 🙂

Another snag is my difficulty sleeping in a place that isn’t my abode. Motion sickness is something I easily suffer from as well. My previous flying experiences, both local and international, didn’t all go perfectly smooth. Take note: A 15-hour flight plus several bus rides and a few boat trips are ahead for me during those couple of weeks – Oh, I’m in real trouble.


If I fatally overdose on anti-dizzy tablets or if my plane gets gobbled up by a UFO, this is going to serve as my last entry. What are the things I would want to express? This is also supposed to be a cheerful post no tears must be shed for the moment.


When I come back here, there’s one thing you can be sure of, dear readers: I’ll be your newly certified blogger pauper. Yes, I’m gonna be so poor you might be forced to adopt me.

Have mercy…don’t abandon me.         😀 😀



5 thoughts on “We All Need A Break

    • Thank you for wishing me well. You are a well-traveled young lady and I’m sure you’ve already been to the few countries I’ll be visiting soon. The photos of the beautiful places in your blog have been inspiring and it makes me all the more excited.
      Warmest Regards.

    • Wyrd, I’m so glad you’re here – I’ve missed you so much!
      Pardon me for not replying sooner: My two-week tour ended just last night. Wifi wasn’t readily accessible in the places I’d been to.
      You’re so right – Traveling is exhausting and stressful ( stressful because of my sis 🙂 he he..) yet I’ve had fun. What a wonderful experience as it was my first time in those 5 places in Europe.

      I’ll be replying to your other comments the minute I get home. I stayed the night at my sister’s house. Thank you, dear friend.


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