This Is My Home – I’m Here For The Long Run

Even my bloglife is a series of hellos and goodbyes. A blogger who used to figure prominently in my resolve to improve my writing skill some two years ago just decided he’s retiring from his regular postings on WordPress. It took me several months to click open his blog again. Things have changed. But I felt I had to Like his final entry. That much I owed him, in spite of everything.

Recently, I’ve started reading a woman blogger who writes with metaphorical flourish. She reminded me of one or two other female bloggers who uses figure of speech in their writing. The thing is, after reading what this woman had to say, I always ended up thinking, “What a wacko.” Not to mention her belligerence seems to be up in the air all the time. Other than assessing her writing style, there’s nothing much to gain from her blog. And I’ve neither time nor interest to spar with someone like her.

Look, we blog citizens here are under no obligation to anyone. I pretty much don’t get why bloggers, especially the petty women, get up in arms when you do not comment or click Follow as a corollary to visiting their sites. Accuse us of stalking, lurking, whatever. Aren’t we all in this realm? (She previously admitted to being one herself.) There’ll be no consignment on my part, FYI. Unlike most, I’m not here for powerblogging, nor to make money, nor to seek anyone’s approval, nor to merely get attention. If she doesn’t like sharing her blog to others, without strings attached, why not simply take it down? (Just like what I do once in a while whenever privacy weighs more to my sense of well-being.)

It’s much like commitment — which I found out doesn’t work for me here. I need my freedom.

This is why I’m sticking with categorically following blogs of the opposite gender (using only Google bookmark). It’s breezier to have them around.

To commemorate my four years of reading and writing through the comfort of this site, I’ve come up with some word play as a writing exercise. My blog serves as my memoir and journal. Although there’s always considerable discomfort in exposing the contents of my heart and mind, I’m in for the long run.

Serving as my personal time warp — in a transition that never seems to end.

Stuck in a world of crude expressions, colored insights, opinions on the run.

I, however, am trapped in the rapture of words forever.

Still thoughts seeming fresh and fair,

Like the specter in the concrete

the sunshine with the rainbow.

Even when hopes proved false …

From the faint white line

promising of no wit nor eloquence

I’m returning to the land of unstructured narratives,

where messages are misread

manifesting little shame in my emotional constitution.

And a placid existence that tries to reject despair.

So I will write by the candor and strength of my discontent,

slandering traditions,

with a gush of fantasy here and there.

Sustaining what’s left through the perpetuity of words,

I’m here for the long run.


8 thoughts on “This Is My Home – I’m Here For The Long Run

  1. You only follow blogs written by male bloggers? Really? I suppose I’m gender-neutral in that I don’t select the blogs I follow based upon the gender of the writer as much as the nature of their content. I wrote I post a while back about the kind of blogs I don’t follow. In some cases my decision to not follow a blog is based upon content or style or the niche. I follow those that inform, entertain, and make me laugh or make me think. And where the blogger understands the fundamental rules of grammar and punctuation, of course! 🙂

    In any event, I’m glad you are following my blog.

    • I like how men think, Doobster. We women are way too emotional in our expressions. Having said that, I believe women writers have more style because they put more of their hearts into their writing. So there’s still a need in me to seek them out without getting friendly. Some do get hostile when I’ve decided to drop them from my list.

      I have another secret which you may already know: Following only one or two blogs has been ingrained in me. I can’t seem to do more than that.

      It makes me really glad being a follower of your blog.

      • I did not know that you follow only one or two blogs. Now you’re making me feel really special.

        Personally, I don’t worry when someone stops following my blog and I certainly don’t get hostile. First of all, with over 2000 followers (allegedly), I don’t have time to track who has “dropped” me. And if someone does stop following my blog, I’m sure they have their reasons, and that’s really none of my business.

  2. I only follow bloggers who blog — it seems to make more sense that way. I tried following bloggers who don’t blog, but somehow I never got any “new post” emails.

    I also know one blogger who died. She doesn’t post anymore, either. 😦

    Nice to see you back blogging again — I wondered if you’d fallen off the Earth!

    • “I tried following bloggers who don’t blog.” How could that be? 🙂
      “I wondered if you’d fallen off the Earth.” Sounds more fun than my current tedious routine.

      One day I’ll be asking you about bloggers who you think are worth following. I need to expand my list. As you already know, I’ve got only two for now.

  3. A bloggin buddy of mine died this year. She was the glue that kind of held a cluster of other bloggers together. I was hanging with them online for several years. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had people in her real world -who were also in her blog world- I guess the word would not have gotten out. You know what I mean? How would anybody have known? It would have just appeared that she simply stopped posting. There would be no further info. But, this other bloggin buddy of mine emailed with her daughter, and he found out and sent me a text, and the whole community around her knew about it and it was really sad. Anyway, I didn’t want to be a downer there, sorry.

    I’ve met some bloggers in real life, talked to them on the phone, had mad mad email strings going with them…followed them to other social media, blogger, twitter, flickr, youtube…now ello… Gees, I’ve been at this bloggin stuff since 2002. I’m letting my blogger blog die off pretty much. People have come and gone. Some have stayed. Ha. Some just stop posting, and you think about them now and then. Sorry for the high word count, ha…your post got me thinkin and reflecting.

    • High word count is very much okay with me; The principal reason why I’m here is because of my love for words.
      Sorry to hear about your blog buddy who passed away. Yeah, sometimes we have no clue as to what is really happening in our co-bloggers’ lives. Many of them aren’t into sharing personal info or the hard facts about themselves. Bloggers who expose their heart and soul in their blogs are more endearing to me — as long as it’s not what they write about all the time.
      You’ve been doing this longer than I do. Blogging has indeed become one of my joys in life. I guess you feel the same way about it. I’ve had blog pals, but I found out they easily slip away, more so because of the distance. They are just too far away from me. No chance for genuine bonding or to develop and sustain a real friendship.

      I’m glad you dropped by.
      Glad to meet you.


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