I’m Coming Out While It’s Still Snowing

It’s Christmas Eve and I’ve come out for the snow. No, not in my tangible sphere. But here in my blog, where the crux of my heart and soul lives.

That I may not miss the things that remain beautiful to my eyes, such as the drifts that still profoundly affect my senses.

The snow is scheduled to disappear within the first few days of January. One week is left for me to enjoy a white Christmas here.

I may not have missed writing so much for the past months because I have been busy reading (newly-discovered) magnificent blogs – along with my very few old favorites.

Besides, the downside of having blog pals became palpable when it started hampering my purpose for this site — which is total expression and honesty. I’d be willing to lose all of them if it meant gaining back my former voice in all its freedom.

One or two of them had even advised me against expressing my grief here. Now please let me be clear on this: I am not on WordPress to please or impress anyone. And I certainly don’t write about my pain to earn anyone’s sympathy. How many times have I said this blog is my real home. No need for advice on the contents it should have — whether it be my dramatic lot, romantic history, atheistic leanings, or cynic views about whatever.

If you can’t condone such articulations from my core, then you have no business coming here at all.

In the meantime, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….


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