Double Post: “My WP Follow Function Is Non-Existent” and “My Appetency For Some Life Story”

Perhaps it’s another idiosyncracy of mine — I don’t like using WordPress Follow button. For the past weeks I’ve cruised around some three or four blogs that are interesting enough to gratify my appetite for blog reading, perusing posts and clicking Like though abstaining from commenting (which might be a better course on my side).

There are certain bloggers who might not seem to be in favor of my No Follow practice, as per my recent awareness. If you read and Like someone’s blog, they expect you to Follow automatically.

I can’t — much as I love your blog.

I want my Reader area to be flat out clean — empty, to be exact. Saving my favorites using Google bookmark, however, I find more convenient. Don’t ask why. That’s just how it is for me.

Imagine, though, what it must do to a favorite blog’s Site Stats each time I check whether there’s a new entry. That’ll count to a number of hits, won’t it? 🙂

I hope my choice of bloggers won’t mind and do bear with me.



You are a flaming character. An aware-in-all directions ponderer. Turning wistful every now and then for your past customary struggles; in recollecting certain maidens from your romantic history; when comprehending the charms of your everyday surroundings. Whether intense or mild thoughts, they are being born out of the episodes of your days gone by, the uncertainty of your tomorrow, the crisis of the approaching middle age, and the irresolvable aches of a life that’s been lived long enough to lose some dearest ones.

Reflections uttered by a true artist — finding their way for my appreciation, and into the inroads of my brooding constitution. Such wisdom, mesmerizing stories, and beautiful musings…all pouring out from the heart and mind of this last minute man.

– marj, december 2014


9 thoughts on “Double Post: “My WP Follow Function Is Non-Existent” and “My Appetency For Some Life Story”

  1. I do follow your blog, which means, now that you’re public once again, you show up in my reader. I follow about 60 blogs, which means my reader can get pretty crowded as the day wears on. And I try to read most of those that show up in my reader, although depending upon what is going on the real world, I can’t always get to them all.

    But we each do what makes the most sense to us, and if using bookmarks makes things more manageable for you than following blogs on WordPress, that’s your choice and I certainly won’t be critical of you for making that choice.

    I enjoyed the story.

    • You must be a much better reader than me. I don’t know how you do it — following 60 blogs; considering you hold a full-time job and blog regularly.
      Thank you very much for understanding and for following me. Crowding and Cluttering my Reader could be the main reasons I keep away from clicking the Follow button. Of course the links in my bookmarks section have been growing in number. Even so, it’s easier to remove sites one by one than to Unfollow a blogger, isn’t it?
      But you’re the kind I have no intention of dropping. No matter who tries to beat me to it, I am your genuine number 1 fan.

      • To be honest, I don’t read them all all the time. I skim most of them and, if they grab me, I read the entire post. Otherwise, I move on. But let’s keep that little secret between the two of us, shall we?

  2. FWIW, I don’t use the Reader. The blogs I follow send me emails when a new post is published, and I just use the emails as the list of new posts to read.

    The thing about Follows is that so many of them aren’t due to actual interest in ones blog so much as publicizing their own (often commercially oriented). That makes the Followers number fairly meaningless. I supposedly have 1000+, but most posts only ever get one to two dozen hits (often less), and there are maybe half a dozen who actually participate.

    So I wouldn’t worry about not clicking Follow is what I’m saying.

    • Wyrd, I used to have you on my Reader. Only you. I told you about it. But… oh you know the story and what had happened. Well, my Reader is totally empty now. Zero. I don’t want to use it for the meantime. I still read everything in your blog, though: Both the post and the comments section.

      Don’t you think it’s a good idea to put Like in your every Comment box? The discussions are, indeed, often quite interesting.

      • The comments I get on my blog are often excellent, but Liking every one of them would devalue the idea of a Like. (I’m not entirely sure I’m down with the idea of Likes on comments to begin with. WP added that fairly recently, no doubt to be more like other social media.)

        People seem to often use them on WP rather than to reply — a way of saying, “Saw your comment, but no comment.” And that’s kind of the problem, in a way: clicking Like can mean a lot of things (even some negative things), but a comment is more personal, honest and clear.

    • Right. But only if all your readers were able to fluidly contribute to discussions better left to the silver tongues of more knowledgeable participants.

      Clicking the Like button in a comment box is a show of appreciation for a commenter’s well-thought-out opinion or his or her well-crafted sentences. What could be negative or disadvantageous about that?

      I do enjoy the articulate exchanges between you and your current male commenters.

      • Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I’m a bit askance at certain aspects of social media. I worry a lot about it’s effect on society. Some of it is very good, but some of it causes me concern.

        Likes end up being a kind of popularity vote — the possible negative effect is on those who see others get them while they don’t. It’s the “popular kids in school” thing all over. 😮

        There is also the idea of reciprocity. So-and-so clicked Like on my comments, so I “ought to” return the favor. And then failing to do so may cause hurt feelings. (I do engage in a certain amount of quid pro quo with bloggers who are frequent commenters on my blog, but — being a Wyrdy guy, I lean more towards comments. 😀 )

        I suppose, too, and because of that, I have a matching preference for being told why someone liked something as well as specifically what they liked. [shrug]


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