Tiny Thoughts On Not So Small Matters

Let’s not kid ourselves. We are not that special. Writing is something 98% of the world’s population can do given enough time, training, and experience.

Wedded Bliss is overrated. Save for being married to your soul mate. I still have to meet a long-time married couple who don’t constantly complain about each other and feel that they are stuck with their mates.

Very amusing. Try throwing them a bit of attention and they are quick to assume 1000 things that would make you roll your eyes massively in repeated fashion.

Every white person seems proud to declare his or her being non-racist — until a non-white starts making an assertion or express an opinion. A deed that they think is a privilege granted solely to their kind.

Pretty much for losers and social misfits, and those who have loads and loads of time on their hands. Yeah right, we’re all pretty much (secret or self-confessed) misanthropes here. 🙂

Kicking the bucket to boot. Still the greatest equalizer.


15 thoughts on “Tiny Thoughts On Not So Small Matters

    • Ah, MrJohnson…I might have already angered a couple of co-bloggers with this post, which was, admittedly, kind of personal. Maybe I should have thought of the others, like you, who weren’t at all my target here.
      Besides, something stuck with me when I told my sister I am a blogger, and during an argument she blurted out that blogging is for the “desperates.” That floored me — I thought “No way am I desperate.” Thinking harder about it, how can I be sure I ain’t really?

      What a surprise — many thanks to one of my most favorite (as we’re both Asians and often share the same perspectives) for dropping by.

      • I don’t see this post as very offensive but I guess if you are a person who is insecure then you might be offended by it. Blogging is for desperates? Maybe but in what way? I guess a blogger can be desperate for communication, attention or validation of some sort. I would blog if I was a ‘winner’ too. Although if I was a winner before I was a blogger maybe I wouldn’t.

      • The desperate thing was my sister’s opinion who isn’t into writing at all, and I resented her for thinking so. I have always loved blogging and frankly, it matters little to me whether a blogger is considered a winner or loser. We are all winners as long as we love what we’re doing here.

  1. If you’d ever met my parents you’d have at least one exception to your view about marriage. They were married over 60 years and adored each other throughout.

    OTOH, I definitely qualify as a misanthropic blogger! 😮

    • It could be that they, your parents, were a match made in heaven, Wyrd. I started believing in “soulmates” when I read about couples who “remain in love forever” and whom nothing on Earth could pull apart. But, of course, I may not be aware of their whole stories. I haven’t met any such pair in my physical world — only husbands and wives who have grown to rely in each other’s company.
      I can relate to that misanthropic thing; I am definitely one myself. Although it makes me wonder if an absolute misanthropist exists as every human being still needs some measure of love and attention from others.

      • They may well have been soul mates. They met at Bible camp at a young age and really liked each other, but went their separate ways for a few years. Then they met again, and the rest is history. Kind of spoiled me having them as parents, as I expected to be able to find something similar… never did.

        Misanthropy is a different “vector” than needing love and attention. Definitely possible to have both!


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