I Can’t Be Getting Older

Nothing bedevils a woman’s peace than the realization that she won’t be the woman she used to be in a matter of time. What woman deals with growing older with level-headed grace anyway? Not me. Not yet.

Even so, the milestone of reaching the huge five-O is set to arrive in a few years’ time.

Nope, no Botox nor cosmetic surgery in my future plans: You see, anything related to doctors, hospitals, clinics. needles petrify me. They do little to pep up a weary soul anyway. Maybe men could sail through the daunting waves by the setting sun, but women like me continue to contract apprehensions throughout the ‘ordeal’.

Aging is supposed to transport me to some larger thinking on compassion for my fellowmen, as well as to promote the rescuing of our planet for the succeeding generation. Pfft… how about letting me save myself first?

The ticking clock will soon plant itself against me in patterns that sidestep sensibility and protection. Soon soon, my ephemeral resplendence will be stripped off; Only the words are bound to remain for my redemption.

As the dysfunctional essence of maturity has become imminent — my boss, in a ribbing manner, started calling me “old girl.” Worse, I’ve begun taking it as a compliment.

I even trumped privacy in exchange for the opportunity to show the world, for the last time perhaps, that I have got it — before the dark birds of time finally snatch away whatever pleasant that’s still left in sight.

Still and all, I’m playing it out till the end — contending with the truth I am made of blood and thunder.

But please, please… spare me from the deep wrinkles and the impending crabbiness.


I know, I’m no great beauty. Well, I ain’t bad-looking, either. There was no photoshopping here at least. You see, teaching English to bratty uninterested foreign Asian students has taken its toll. Yeah, that’s my excuse.

21 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Getting Older

  1. Your 50 will be better than other people’s. 🙂 My 40’s die in 4 months…and the catalyst for my blog. You will be fine. Embrace it and be proud.

    • You have recently become one of my blogging idols, for still leading a charmed life, IMO, being surrounded by your dearest ones, having a good job, pursuing knowledge — let alone having gone through so much, and having lived a colorful life; I feel honored to receive such encouragement and words of wisdom from you.
      Your posts on your approaching birthday has been one of the inspirations for this entry. I’ll do my best to follow your advice.
      Thank you, Mr Blue290.

      • Now I am humbled. 🙂 I’ve seen many related themes in life, in film, etc.

        It’s not how you fall, stumble, or face setbacks… It’s how you pick yourself up.



        Another big thing is knowing your limitations, mistakes, weaknesses and still jumping into the mix.

        (Which is why I enjoy playing golf…badly)

    • 😀 I believe you’ve yet to say something corny.
      Everything I’ve read from you (in your blog) either comes from the heart or was born out of your experiences and deep understanding of life. It amazes me how you’ve been able to express them in different and interesting ways.

      Honestly, I was surprised you took a liking to that sport. 😉

  2. As an old fart, myself, I do feel for women as they age. Men don’t face the same stigma, it seems. We are judged less by our appearance as we get older than by our accomplishments or our positions. Gray hair is a sign of distinction in a male, whereas it’s just a sign of aging in a female.

    But I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You look more like a young adult (20s?) that someone who is approaching the half century mark.

    • True, true. Why do men always have it easier? Even in the Philippines, they say men, like wine, could only get better with age. As for women,… forget it.

      Stop saying that, Doobs, being an old fart hardly describes you. You write and respond like a man in his 30s, except when you are ranting about religion. he he…

      Aha, you know how to make a woman feel better, huh? 🙂 But you can be right — that’s actually not a very nice shot of me. Ahem, I’ve got better, most recent ones.

      • Well, LFM, I am likely closer to 70 than you are to 50, and that fact qualifies me, indeed, to refer to myself as an old fart.

        The good news is that I am relatively healthy — for an old fart — and I probably don’t feel much older as I approach 70 than you do as you approach 50.

    • I know. You wouldn’t be able to fly that much often if you weren’t healthy. A few here, even in their 70s, have gone to Germany for stem cell treatment. So things are looking up even for people that age. I hope you’d give it a try someday.
      And please, get that cortisone injection for your foot — to spare you from the discomfort of your slight foot ailment. I think it’s the quickest and best remedy.

    • That deserves a big Like — that you’ve been taking more action on that foot malady. Trouble is, my Like button is not working since early this evening.
      Acupuncture is great, too. More needles (which you dislike), though, I suppose. Oouuch… 🙂


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