We’re Happy People They Say

I was buying food at 7-11 the other night when I glanced down on a newspaper carrying an article about a recent international survey that says Filipinos rank fifth as being the happiest people on this planet. The findings made me smile — hardly surprising me at all.

Why? Here are the facts:

For us, having no money is not much of a problem. Really. As long as loved ones are around, we feel A-okay. Most of the time, mere togetherness is enough. Starving together can even be a deep, bonding experience.

You must already be aware of our supreme fondness for parties or small gatherings, and of our intense romance with the videoke. Horrific belting out for several barangays to hear could turn into volatile situations once in a while. In the spirit of fun, however, off-key singing is generally acceptable.

In spite of our country’s economic afflictions, each year there seems to be a mall sprouting, like a mushroom, at some corner of a city; Something which fosters more groupings and better camaraderie. Not to mention we probably manufacture the greatest number of cheap, most delicious assorted chips and crackers in the whole world. Oh, that last one doesn’t count, does it?

We might boast of a low suicide rate, too. The motive for taking one’s life could just be a ramification of a liaison turned dreadfully sour – which manifests of our over-the-top passionate nature as well.

Pensive, quiet gals like me are looked upon as different, or odd. Yeah yeah you’re right, I am weird. You’d feel out of place and sometimes be ridiculed (as I have been all my life) if you aren’t the boisterous, big talker type. At faculty meetings – with all of us female teachers clustered in a room – the propensity of my colleagues to endlessly babble all at the same time never ceases to amaze me. I often imagine myself grabbing something, anything around me that I could stuff into one or two of my co-teacher’s mouth, just to lessen the din.

Everyone dances here regardless of religious affiliation, political persuasion, or the contents of their refrigerator. A shrinking violet that I am, I have thought of all the number of hours I reluctantly spent practising with my siblings to prepare for our performance at every relative’s party in my pre-teen and early teenage years. Hours that could have been spent reading English classics and mastering the art of penning mushy-mushy yet wonderful tales. I swear I could have ended up giving Jane Austen a run for her money. But then, it’s also a blessing my parents instilled in their children love of dancing; even though they’ve got this one daughter who’s been marked for bashfulness all her life.

Well, it’s gratifying to broadcast now that I can finally dance sans any morsel of shyness. In front of an audience. I mean in front of my favorite and sole audience. My cat.

Indeed, we’re a bunch of happy happy people.


In view of my penchant for strong dance beat, choreographed dancing, and fun videos, I include an old favorite of mine from 1989: Dino singing and bopping to his hit “I Like It”: one of those trip the light fantastic tunes that make me get up and dance to this day.

15 thoughts on “We’re Happy People They Say

  1. During my time in the Southern Islands, I heard marathon karaoke sessions…(into the morning hours). 🙂

    • I have wondered if you ever were in our island during your military days.
      I apologize for dropping out of sight. I had assumed one of your post was an expression of dissatisfaction for bloggers like me who hadn’t been commenting.
      But I’ve really missed your blog and I hope you’d welcome me back.

      • Which post was that?!? I never worry about comments….I just write for me! I am so sorry if I came across like that!!!!

      • I must have misunderstood. Well, it’s the post about an inconsiderate person. I knew it wasn’t about me at all. I just felt that perhaps you might have felt the same way about the blogging world.

        Now I’m not talking any sense, am I? Can we forget about what I just said? You’ve pardoned me, and that’s all I ever need. I’m gonna be busy catching up for the coming days. 🙂

      • Oh…I have tons of inconsiderate people in my life….but not here. 🙂
        Welcome back.

  2. Not that many people here in the US would rank high on the happiness scale, unfortunately. Hmm. So you’re a shy, pensive dancer, eh? Interesting combo, LFM. 🙂

    • Not enthusiastic by how you put it. I’m shy but I can’t be pensive when I dance, can I. 🙂

      You came out with only your one-liner post today. I suppose you’ve been busy.

      • Yes, between work and trying to get all of my files off my work laptop and onto my new personal laptop, a slow, tedious, almost painful process, I haven’t had time to be too creative. And tomorrow morning I’m heading on a two day business trip, so I will either have to recycle an old post or two or not post anything. We shall see. Will you miss me, you shy, pensive dancer, you?

    • Doobster, I just found out you’ve already closed down your blog. I’ve no idea what made you decide to do it — I just hope you are doing okay. (I took a few weeks break from visiting my favorite blogs — I was a bit burned out.)
      I simply want you to know your blog has made me happy and you’ve become dear to me as a co-blogger. I may have gotten a little hurt by the fact you took sides when a couple of your commenters insulted me unreasonably in your site in the past. But on the whole, I still believe you are a wonderful person.

      You are an excellent writer and blogger, and your blog is such a big loss to us your readers. I hope you say something or better yet I do hope you come back soon.
      You are being missed, my dear blogger. ❤

  3. I wish my parents would have put more emphasis on dance. The did a little bit of polka dancing in the kitchen sometimes, but, that is not really much of a challenge.

    I’m always the pensive oddball myself.

    My cat runs away when I start dancing, ha.

    • Hey, wordpress somehow failed to alert me to this comment. It’s good to see you again.
      I’m glad to know we’re kindred souls for being pensive oddball dancers. 🙂
      My cat has no choice but to watch.
      And as long as your cat keeps coming back, no worries. 😉

  4. I’m not surprised either about this happiness ranking. How do you think this happiness bug originated for Filipinos? So many people from other Asian nations haven’t smiled since 1975. All of my Chinese friends dads never smiled when we were growing. It wasn’t until they were like 60 years old that they could finally crack a smile.

    • I wish I had a solid idea on the origin of the happiness bug. The Chinese are known here for being hard-working businessmen. Maybe retirement or grandchildren could have caused their smiles in later life

      Hey, your “Online Dating Profiles” was quite entertaining. Based on the Likes you got, you can’t complain for lack of females in your life now. 🙂

      • It’s possible the Chinese here only felt financially comfortable when they reached an older age. Plus their kids are adults now an no longer dreadful Canadian teenagers. I guess I can’t complain about the lack of cyber females in my life…haha Their lovely gravatar pictures keep me going in life.


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