Rooting For A Fellow Filipino — Boxing Great Manny Pacquiao

In the field of sports or entertainment, no one has put our country on the map other than our greatest Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao. This Sunday (May 2), Philippine time, he’ll be facing Numero Uno Heavyweight champion, Floyd Mayweather.

I’ve never liked boxing. It’s appalling for me to watch two people punching each other like crazy until both of them get blood on their faces (Ouch Ouch); Both ending up like black and blue marshmallows, both unceasing in their goal to get horrible brain damage, oh I mean, earn a coveted title.


No way could I feel ecstatic that my country is internationally famous for this vicious sport. Β Yet what can I do? That Filipino men excel at boxing perplexes me – despite us being shorter and probably lacking in strategic ability compared to our taller and more tactical contenders of different race.

But for once, I’d like to see a fellow countryman seize the globe’s highest spot in a field of sport. I can’t watch the bout on Sunday morning here. It’s an event I don’t have the spunk to witness. It’ll be heart-rending to see The Filipino Champ’s face get transfigured (to its worst), his energy dropping after each round in the live battle, while giving everything that he’s got. All for the title, the glory, the honor he pledged to bring to our nation.

I really do hope our man wins.

So I say, Go Manny Go!


23 thoughts on “Rooting For A Fellow Filipino — Boxing Great Manny Pacquiao

    • Oh, I didn’t know that about Manny’s opponent. Thanks for the info.
      Anyway, the Philippine boxer is once again entering the ring with his hope mainly resting on the wing of a prayer whispered by a nation an entire ocean away.

    • It’s alright…I have no problem with Manny’s loss. He can’t complain as his wealth has probably tripled 10 times πŸ™‚ . And at least he got to experience all those things.
      Boxing these days isn’t what I used to know — a duel of jabbing and punching until one of the boxers tumbles down. Nowadays, it’s more on strategy on how to avoid getting hit and earning points for whatever. I guess there’s too much technicality I just haven’t been aware of. Unlike you, I wasn’t able to watch although I was tempted to read the Twitter-like live coverage on Yahoo.

      Your series on Special Relativity is awesome. I scanned each post but haven’t had the chance to digest any of them yet. Your blog never ceases to amaze me.

      • Boxing was always based on strategy and tactics. Many matches are won on points, not knockouts. Among fans it’s called “the sweet science” — there’s a whole world more to it than just hitting each other. (It’s amazing listening to boxing experts talk about what they can see during a match and what it says about the fighters.)

        I’m glad you liked the SR series. I ended up biting off more than I expected on that one. Nearly 30 posts when it was all said and done! Yikes!!

    • You’re right. I also read about that “sweet science” you mentioned while reading about the fight in a newspaper somewhere earlier today. It’s just that we Filipinos — when it comes to entertainment — like pure action, as in jab jab jab then something falls down. I gathered Mayweather ran around dancing inside the ring for most of the combat. We expected something extra from #1 heavyweight champ if he’s that superb. He could have delivered blows to knock Pac-man down and made him snore (yes it happened) on the ring floor like one opponent did years ago.

      The SR series was beautifully done, Wyrd. It’s really wonderful work from you. To boot, almost all the posts you wrote this past year were so rich in content and always had a lot for your readers to chew on. My impression is the same for the comments section where you are in many instances even splendidly eloquent to a greater extent.

      • “…pure action, as in jab jab jab then something falls down.”

        ROFL! That’s funny!

        “My impression is the same for the comments section…”

        Thanks. I have some very good readers, and I’ve realized that sometimes a topic can be explored in the comments as well as in the post itself. I’ve always been into chewing on a subject with people.

    • It’s good to know I could make you laugh — just for once. πŸ™‚

      I wish more people (in your level) would find you. But we know now blogging is not something many people stick with.

    • No need to reply on the post I have just released — to avoid awkwardness. I’ll be deleting this particular comment box, too. That post would be it.
      It doesn’t change the fact you are an exceptional person and blogger of high academic prowess, Wyrd. Thank you for being nice.

    • Things could have gotten out of hand last night. It might help to explain to you why I’ve had thought that way about the Sheikah issue.
      My very first blog buddy (57 years old at the time) I might have mentioned before who has had a Spiritual Consciousness blog, I found out, had been combing the blogosphere for unsuspecting women with no audience. One of the links led to a blog of a teenage girl he had been flirting with in the comments section. When I told him it wasn’t appropriate, he got very angry. A few weeks later, he apologized profusely and admitted to behaving badly. He said he just couldn’t control himself. That ended any camaraderie I had with him.

      You’ve stated your argument so I believe you. The subject with Sheikah is closed then. I had simply thought senior men should avoid getting into any circumstance that would involve girls below 18 years of age. That’s all.
      In all honesty: Even if I wanted to, I can’t offer my apology because I’m afraid there might come a time I’d regret having done so.

      (I wrote here as nobody else will read it. And no one really reads my blog. I’ll be deleting this comment box asap, too)

      I sincerely wish you happiness and the best of health, Wyrd. Please continue blogging happily. You have so much to offer to the world. Take good care.

  1. I thought I was pretty desensitized, but more and more, stuff like ultimate fight…mixed martial arts type of stuff – it’s just a bit too brutal for me to watch.

  2. From what I heard it was a crappy fight because of the lack of entertainment value. When you are getting paid over $100 million, each fighter should be putting on a show. No one is paying them to show off their boring technical strategy. If I want to watch technical savviness I’ll watch the chess championships. Mayweather was apparently the guilty one for not trying to engage in more showmanship. The main objective of professional sports is to entertain. But ya, I was rooting for Pacquiao too. This city would have went crazy if he won!

      • You just stated what had been exactly going on in my mind after the said “battle for greatness.” Crappy fight and too much boring technical strategy, indeed. Five years of waiting for that kind of lousy match from those two. A chess championship would have been more stimulating — yes yes, ha ha!

        Thank you so much for rooting for Pacquiao, MrJohnson. I owe you one for it. πŸ™‚

      • lol. I haven’t been aware MrJohnson knows Filipinos that well. πŸ™‚

        Hey, when I go to your blog which I’ll be doing tomorrow, can you assure me I’ll be safe? ha ha.
        I’ll be completely honest, without meaning to rub you in any wrong way, by revealing that sometimes I get apprehensive I might encounter something there that somehow retaliates on what I have written or said to you in an earlier comment.

        Anyway, in all honesty, I do miss you and your blog, MrJohnson.

      • It sucks to hear you get such feelings. I will admit though, sometimes(very rare) another person’s post will inspire me to write something. I was actually going to write a blog about ‘blogging guilt’ that relates to the difficulty in blogging once you acquire a diverse following.

        I can’t say I have ever written anything in relation to any of your comments or posts. I looked over my posts since you’ve last commented and I think you’re safe! I think.

        It’s touching to hear that you miss me and my blog. Thanks for saying so even though it makes me feel kind of weird. It’s not your fault. I have issues stemming from childhood..haha

      • And Filipinos have the second highest Asian population here in Vancouver so I know them really well..haha. It’s a real distant second though.

      • “I was actually going to write a blog about β€˜blogging guilt’ that relates to the difficulty in blogging once you acquire a diverse following.”
        You couldn’t have said it better. No problem if the blog is gazette-type that lectures on some topics or merely provides information. But if it’s a personal blog that more or less bares one’s heart and soul and one’s past, how hard it is to reveal it all.

        Only in your blog have I disclosed some thoughts and stuff that are too confidential. I hope you never misunderstand my intention whenever I go there and write a comment — my sole purpose which is to share my thoughts on what you’ve written. Not to contradict or to prove anything.

        Ha ha! Yes, I do miss you and your blog. Don’t feel uncomfortable, Mr Johnson. The very few blog pals I have and want to keep, I hold precious. I can get this sentimental especially when my resistance against dropping by their blog gets weaker and weaker. Why do you think I had to initially shout it out to you from Happy Apathy’s blog? πŸ™‚

      • I welcome the thoughts of others whether or not it agrees with my posts. It gets tiring when everyone just agrees all the time…haha. I never meant to give any impression of any ill feelings towards any of your comments. Perhaps I don’t include enough smiley faces on my comments. Sorry, it’s not really my thing πŸ™‚
        Every time I use a smiley face, it takes a little bit away from me. I’ll often comment if i disagree with a comment but there’s no bad feelings attached to them. I apologize if I have come off as an insensitive male..haha

      • I’d like to rub out my habit of employing Smileys when I write a comment, too. More often I’m compelled to use it so as not to be misunderstood. Or to make it known my statements shouldn’t be taken seriously or in a negative way. Nevertheless, it looks corny, true. πŸ™‚ See that, habits are so hard to break.

        Apology accepted. Glad to know you never had ill feelings towards any of my comments. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, MrJohnson.


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