Blogger Insight and Circumstance

I hope for peace with my co-bloggers all the time.

Nevertheless, an “expal” might have gotten pissed off owing to my observation from some recent period of a particular propensity, leading to the blogger hitting back with a snide remark that I must be seeking desperately for love and attention. My only response was “Whoa…” (insert an eye roll to boot).

But then I’ve seen many a female blogger with my status get attacked in the same vein by others who never took the time to know those women through their blog posts.

Still, shouldn’t one ponder on the following questions before dispensing judgment to someone like me who has been open about her circumstances and life stories in this ethernet we populate?

  • Would I go public as to how broken and flawed I am as a human being if my purpose had been to attract the opposite sex?
  • In spite of my being deemed sweet, can anybody stand up and allege that I have initiated a connection beyond mere blog friendship?
  • Notwithstanding having received emails from a few amiable readers, did I ever give anyone encouragement to cultivate more than plain camaraderie with me?
  • Think about it: How can WP citizens imagine of fanciful relationships blossoming when each and every one of us is –now don’t be offended, please– practically disclosing in our respective blogs (oft unawarely) how much of a loser we are?

The blogworld has been my escape from the blistering events that had taken place in my most recent years: It has turned into an alternate world for me. Alright alright, I also admit to not having a life these days. And neither do most of you. 🙂

girl3A month before, I even set up a dummy blog that would have the central purpose of Liking posts and commenting on the newly-found blogs I wish to follow — in as much as I wouldn’t want to unintentionally end up inviting any more new visitors to this site. You can find its avatar on the right side.

No denying I have held dear a few “buddies” — three or four remarkable characters maybe — within my blogging years. Alas, my affection, not to mention my sense of loyalty could be imprisoning — which renders me oblivious of other worthy bloggers. I had gotten attached to some people’s blogs. I had expressed warmth and admiration to a selected few. I won’t deny I had wished I were one of their most esteemed WPress associates, too. That hardly merits a misinterpretation though, does it?

I might have flirted in the past with my first two email buddies. Ok, I can be a flirt and have been so, especially in my younger days: It could have extended over my online persona spontaneously. Such audacity has probably been fueled by the fact I am so far away from all of you. So so far away.

And the flirting has lain dormant for quite some time.

I’ve a need to engage a Muse to be able to write something romantic, true. A few poems had been written with specific bloggers in mind. One of them a highly popular blogger“boy” from the Bronx; Another was the fantastic MrPoppins who happens to be my former black buddy, and who actually feels more like a younger brother to me. Both have long departed from our sphere.

Seeing that the heavens had forgotten to bless me with scholastic smarts, I wish to continue hanging around the cerebral blogs of good writers. I confess to my ongoing quest for bloggers who possess the finest intellect and wisdom to foster my personal growth as a writer.

Having said that, this blog is basically a memoir, not a gazette. If I had the time to work up an educational piece, I’d love to do so. In the meantime, my heart, my soul, and my background tales are this site’s focal essence. Just to be able to write is my preoccupation and foremost goal.

I haven’t yet pasted the chronicles of my romantic history which I have wanted for so long to do across these pages; what with my apprehensions as to being misunderstood in the aftermath — considering my passionate nature has been a consistent player throughout my life.

Let’s be grounded by the reality everything that presents itself here is supposed to stay in this virtual world; In this realm which prevails separately from our physical world.

Capping things off: my Stats has long stopped showing signs of movement. It only means no one reads my blog anymore. I guess the main boon is it’s safe for me now to write about sex.

Yehey. 🙂




The song “It’s Impossible” has the lovely original lyrics that tell the sun to leave the sky and ask whether the ocean could keep from rushing to the shore. Its beautiful Spanish version “Somos Novios” below by Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera became my favorite as well.  

“And tomorrow… Should you ask me for the world, somehow I’d get it.
I would sell my very soul, and not regret it. For to live without your love, it’s just impossible.”

11 thoughts on “Blogger Insight and Circumstance

    • You have been magnificent on your blog, J. I discerned as well how much of an ardent and consistent writer you are. That you’ve been able to put out two to three posts on most evenings is quite dazzling.
      Pardon me for the break I had to take from visiting blogs a while back. I didn’t have the focus to read for weeks as I had to settle some issues here.

      Yes, we keep writing just the same. I believe you have more passion for the art than I do.

      • Thank for the kind words, it’s a combination of passion and also just a plain outright need to put something down.

  1. Interesting that we seem to have been thinking and writing about some similar things lately, each in our own ways.

    I have a friend who tells me I live in another world. I typically shake my head in mild-to-spicy exasperation and tell him yes, yes I do. And the things I do and feel and make and imagine and know there are as real as his bank account or his girlfriend(s) or his job or the walls around us or the floor under our feet. It’s where I show myself, where I am myself, or the closest thing I’ve ever come to it.

    This is not a question or a rejoinder or a provocation, I realize that and I apologize. It’s just a comment, and a somewhat selfish one at that. But it is what your last two posts somehow prompted, so I thought I’d do the bloggy thing and throw it out there.

    • Hi! How come you didn’t alert me on the newest posts you released days ago?
      Please let me get back to you a little later after my working hours here. I need to set aside “special” time for all this 🙂 . Yes, we seem to have thought and written about the same things recently — I’m surprised.
      So glad to see you back sooner.

    • Your apology is out of place when I actually feel honored you took the time to come here and manage to scribble down a few thoughts from your beautiful mind.
      I agree, we’ve been somehow worned-out by love and life, yet we remain dreamers nonetheless.

      Please allow me another day to once more go over your “dreaming” post as I am still reveling on “facts.”
      I’m glad you “did the bloggy thing and threw it out there.” 🙂

    • It must be hard on your psyche that you can’t expose yourself on your “bouquet” blog the way you want to. Lol. It’s laughable now as your efforts are totally useless. Assholes like you deserve such fate.
      And do stay away from my blog, you pervert.


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