Racism is Part of Humanity and I’ve No Cosmic Problem with It

My online attention has been seized by the sensation over the current race to the U.S. Top White House Seat. My preference on who among the contenders deserves to become the next president of America is a breeze to tell just by looking at my tweets and taking into account a recent post of mine. Fortunately, the magic of the internet has afforded me some degree of enlightenment regarding American politics. Being able to participate on forums has been one of the perks, too.

Illegal immigration issues have contributed to Donald Trump’s success in the polls. I am with the man on this 100% as it’s been my opinion likewise the U.S. has been too generous toward its undocumented immigrants — to the detriment of the real citizens. Laws must be complied with. There’s a whole world of difference between what’s legal and what’s not; How Trump’s knockers cast aside this plain principle is beyond my understanding. Two months of perusing comments on Yahoo has given me access to the sentiments of the people who are perpetually disgruntled at a government that had left the problem unattended for decades.

The issue of racism, as a consequence, has glared side by side with the dissension over illegal immigration — which what my post is about: my own views and personal feelings about racial prejudice. Belonging to a country looked down by most due to its inhabitants’ looks and poor financial standing, I’ve long gained a perception around the reality racial discrimination is part of humanity and that it will stay until the end of time despite the majority’s sanctimonious stance against it. Bigotry and xenophobia are terms considered poisonous, more or less, by hypocrites, imho. Sure it hurts – racism – especially to us Asians: Filipinos, in case you aren’t clued in, are deemed the blacks of Asia. But pretending the world isn’t the way it is, not to mention attempts to eradicate such a fundamental reality would prove futile.

I remember a particular comment which resonated with me from some elderly man online: “What’s so wrong about wanting to be at a place where I’d be able to breathe?” Exercising your option to be in either the surroundings or circumstances of your selection has been demonized so much I feel sorry for these generally kind-hearted beings for being compelled to embrace everything by reason of “humanitarian” objectives.

When I went to Europe for a two-week vacation middle of last year, the pleasure of looking at beautiful, foreign white denizens (also black) all around me turned out an amazing experience that at the end of our tour, after arriving at an Asian airport, I started lamenting on not beholding the same populace anymore. My sister jested, “You know what, you’re a racist.” The thing is, I’ve always held an insight as to why the white race commands superiority. It’s simple and obvious. And I understand.

We discern with our eyesight and the rest of our faculties to distinguish what’s finer or not. Plain common sense. An uncomplicated set of logic could explicate it all. That beauty is in the eye of the beholder gets to be a lateral element. What’s all the fuss? Discrimination is practiced just the same when it comes to our decision or choice as to who to date, which TV show to watch, what to eat, where to hang out, how to go about life.

To cap things off and further state my conviction sans political correctness, I’ll post a comment from one of Yahoo’s article this morning attaching my response to it:

Yes they do cast a shadow over the white race.. Because if you ask any person in America, who is not white, if they generally categorize white people as racist, the answer is invariably “Yes”.. And I will be the first person to say that all people, regardless of their skin color harbor some racism.. But white people have allowed themselves to become stigmatized as being inherently racist… — commenter Snooky’s Snatch from Yahoo article “M. Romney Just Ripped Donald.”

My Reply: Makes a lot of sense, SS. Exactly my thoughts and I’m glad someone here was able to articulate them. Racism is part of humanity and though not ethically embraced, it will never go away; it’ll continually remain evident around us. I hope most people aren’t hypocritical about the subject of racism and simply accept the way things are. Btw, I’m not white so there has been a long-running awareness within and I’ve always felt the stigma of being non-white. But with ample rationalization, it’s never a huge problem for me especially now that I’m getting older.


Last year in Europe



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