Maybe a prose but never a poem (2)

I seek inspiration either from mundane affairs

or as you say, from imagination to imagination….

Somehow the beauty of your words slips in

and the shifting scenes of our lives

begin to increase through the night

coursing past worlds that had never been aligned


i had wanted to put you behind me

but the arrow of your diction would fly straight to this heart

as if you knew me fully well

yes, your sentiments repose in genuine tenderness

as from a waterfall with all your wants and needs

pouring over an affection that grows in deeds


how could I end up feeling what’s inside your very soul?

Perhaps you, too, find rhythm upon a love so true.


It makes me hope for a someday

when you’ll come to release the essence of your words,

your mind, your grandness –-

surrendering to the bounds of a woman’s love.



-geena 2015


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