Shooting Star (maybe a prose never a poem 3)

I found you once upon a time

inside a beautiful wilderness,


where the pensive, solemn, penitent man in you

had been reflected through 

those haunting peaks and valleys.

Then I came to witness 

the spring up of a galaxy

which cast glows from beneath each rhapsody

where sentences after sentences 

laced within your exquisite mind

began encircling me 

like pearls in the sky.

In the quiet of the night

the brightest of them all shoots by,

taking my breath away

till all of its flames burn out.

Heartened by an affection

this memory will bless

I take your hand so on my lips it’ll rest,

that I may feel its warmth against my cheek,

while I close my eyes

knowing fully 

there can never be a prose

nor a poem nor a song

that could breed words 

for the way I have loved.



-geena, january 2016

shooting star


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