So Trump Will Never Become President After All

It’s getting clear my favorite U.S. presidential candidate isn’t going to make it.

Therefore there’s no stopping the browning of America, too. No border wall is gonna be built. Ever. Illegal immigration will remain out of control.

It seems the Americans simply have gotten so used to their voting ways through numerous generations — in spite of how fed up the citizens are with the system and with the career politicians who have been betraying them by contributing to their homeland’s decay. We’re talking of a country that has been losing its footing as the most affluent and mightiest on the planet; a country where political correctness and obligatory openhandedness have infuriated the silent majority in a progressive order.

Trump’s delivery rankles admittedly.  Sure I winced at some of the things he had asserted to garner free publicity. Yet he could also be the U.S.’s last hope. His passion and love for his motherland might serve well in his vow to make America great again.

The thing is, the game might already be rigged, to boot, as what Fiorina has recently stated. How can a single billionaire go against the pack of (other) billionaires who have always been behind the scenes in running the state?

Same old same old — that’s how it’s meant to stay.

That’s my billionaire boyfriend. Ooops, sorry, Melania. I just can’t help it. 🙂


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