I feel relieved and happier these days. Into a new phase in my life I am slowly moving.

A measure of guilt, however, trickles in whenever I find myself getting down to a chosen pursuit that would swallow up my entire day. That it’s no longer equivalent to monetary gain like before is an enormous adjustment. But the alternative of going back to my former occupation has turned into a painful thought. It’s become incomprehensible how I was able to survive my last year in the academy handling either my bosses’ children or the slothful students who couldn’t be motivated toward self-improvement.

To be frank, yes, I functioned largely in virtue of the extra money I’d be earning – although working side by side with the English language was a pleasure I had hung on, too.

A feeling of descent into a spiral of paralyzing, fruitless time consumption may hit me soon. But I’m past my 20s and 30s now – way past the periods of multitasking and ending up as some version of Wonderwoman.

The idea of being able to refine my mind through reading, studying, writing is enthusing as compared to spending my time with people at work whose irremediable cases I no longer give a hoot about.

I also look forward to trivial goals such as losing the 3 pounds I might have put on during my buffet restaurant dine-outs on weekends late last year. Cooking has never occupied a soft spot in me yet I have been doing it lately to be able to save and eat healthily. 

Ample times ahead will provide me the opportunity to read the dozens of books I bought through the years. And the moon…with the evening sky is something I hope to espy as often as not.

Taking my time. Free and easy; peace, rest and sleep. Write and read. Life is sweet.





Another Favorite Love Song of Mine from Way Back



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