Special Day: Dead On Description (of me)

i love a starry sky with the moon; a full moon is splendid.

Little tidbits about my life and the person that I am:

In grade 1, my teacher made me join a spelling contest because I was the best English speller in our class. I won 2nd prize; I misspelled the word “brown.” My prize was a box of yummy orange jellies. I came to like the taste and have occasionally been jonesing for such sweets.

I used to be a hypochondriac, especially in my teenage years.

I could only pledge loving somebody to the moon and back when I learn they share my compassion for animals.

the love of my fantasy life

I’m tired of feelings. What I really want is new earrings.

A gay male friend and one of my bosses told me on separate occasions that I am “perfect.” My response: “No, I’m not. But when the moon is full… (joke) No, I’m not perfect at all. Maybe in next life though…

My (pathetic) attempts to pen romance poetry comes to a halt when I’m no longer inspired.

I suck at relationships. They’re hard work and I’m lazy at nurturing them.

I guess I’m such a loner having just a few people who at least care is already fine by me.

My female bff had described me as daring. Yes I understand. You see, I’m bionic.

Most often, I intentionally leave my cellphone at home whenever I go out

(from Bdale56’s blog@wordpress) Beautiful.

It’s only in my forties that I discovered I dislike french fries, ironing, and cheese.

I got straight A’s at all my Law classes in college. I should have majored in that subject instead of having struggled for an Accounting degree.

I’m celebrating a most special day today. Hence this post. So glad to be alive and still have my faculties and good health. I’m thankful. I am not religious but if there is a God, my gratitude goes to him.

I remember my father. I love him so much. 


8 thoughts on “Special Day: Dead On Description (of me)

  1. I have to admit being the same way about relationships – takes too much time and effort. Besides, I’m already in a relationships – with myself. 🙂

    • The best relationship one could ever have — with themselves. Still, I hope to read something ultra-romantic in your memoir. So far, the connections (with women) you mentioned weren’t deep, ideally amorous or life changing for you. But then, I might have to wait for the next installment.
      John, when are you going to come out with chapter 5? I’m getting impatient. 🙂

      • Very astute observation about the lack of a love narrative. Yes, there will be one in Ch 5 but I am not optimistic about being able to capture it adequately in words.

        Incidentally, one of my literary heroes died today, Pat Conroy. Ever read him?

      • I too had heard of him many times over 30 years but never read him until last month. The Prince of Tides is breathtaking – I have never read such descriptive language in my entire life.

      • Yes, I just looked and read a bit about him on Wikipedia. He was only 70 when pancreatic cancer claimed his life on March 4. The Prince of Tides is his most famous novel. It became a popular movie as well (Barbra Streisand was one of the actors if I remember it right). I’m going to the bookstore soon and hope they still have a copy. Thanks for informing me how awesome it is.

      • Just open Tides and look at any paragraph at random and you will be hooked at the beauty of his extended metaphors, which are never forced. 🙂


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