kudos to the last man standing

Will he make it to the White House? Probably not. But as of the moment, I am in raptures — a far cry from the times I felt apprehensive Trump wouldn’t likely make it as the GOP nominee.

Pure common sense. In the beginning, sixteen contenders must be annihilated in a matter of months. As the series of debates manifested of his lack of genius not to mention of sophisticated parlance which, in contrast, his rivals enjoyed being uppity about, he resolved to continue wielding an unprecedented style that reflected his authentic persona, astoundingly eliminating political correctness in its wake. Things turned rougher and rougher; a vicious battle fought wherein he swatted left and right and squirted toxins — until all his opponents dropped dead like flies or bugs. One by one. :-)

They might gripe all they want over how it was contended yet the protocol of awarding the prize at the end of the contest to the victorious competitor must be upheld. Hence, forswear the fuss and bestow the nomination. Quick.

The Donald as the last man standing. Truly my kind of guy.

Image: Donald Trump



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