i miss being busy…and paid

I knew this feeling would come. No, I honestly don’t miss the academy or my bosses or my colleagues or the rotten students I had dealt with. It’s the sense of being preoccupied or rather hard-pressed a huge chunk of the time and, this one is the killer, getting paid for it that I miss. Someone advised me recently to simply return to that old job; I told him how different the situation is at school now compared to what things used to be. I couldn’t endure anymore handling my bosses’ very young kids and the teeners who have no interest learning my favorite language.

I am a complicated person with a simple life.

Charlotte Eriksson

My list of pleasure nowadays: I’m back to my ideal weight because I no longer earn extra cash to be able to eat at that expensive buffet restaurant on the weekends (a habit I developed late last year out of my justification “I had to do sth special before facing another shitty workweek”). I go to bed usually when dawn breaks, wake up at mumble-mumble ‘o clock (embarrassingly late, that’s why) and don’t need to indulge in 3 meals a day ‘coz I already possess superpowers for having had enough sleep. I now eat healthily because I cook – no choice since eating out and convenient foods are pricey. And voila! I currently run three other blogs that I fill up mostly with juvenile Tumbler quotes and images – owright ohright, that’s so inane it doesn’t count.

Revelation: I’m happiest when I’m in the process of publishing a blog post. Which only proves I’m an authentic writer, right? right? Yipee! 


I keep changing my mind as to my travel plans. Well, the truth is I wanna visit all those splendid places in Europe. Not possible, though, so I’m gunning for the best ultimate single tour for myself – one that has the least cathedral, museum, church visits. The travel agent I’m in contact with must have had her eyeballs on repeated roll as I say to her one day “I think this package is great” then tell her the next day “this package is more fantastic and will suit me better.”

Anyhow, 2016 is meant for rest, reading, writing, and dreaming of adventure. No mulling over tomorrows or the future. Whatever apocalypse is destined to pounce, let it befall by the beginning of next year.

happy me, Europe 2014

2 thoughts on “i miss being busy…and paid

  1. This post resonates with me. “I am a complicated person with a simple life” may be the only quote needed to ever describe me. Since quitting my job I have lost weight as well because I no longer have to worry about being hungry and weak while working. Most people would end up gaining weight but I like to eat healthy as well which means it’s not as convenient as shoving cupcakes in my mouth and eating out. So I just nibble here and there and procrastinate eating a full meal.

    • “I no longer have to worry about being hungry and weak while working.” Exactly my sentiment when I still had my job because it was hard for me to teach if my stomach wasn’t full which unfortunately sometimes made me settle for some unhealthy snacks.

      As soon as my new reasonably-priced “selfie” phone arrives (Meizu from China), I’m going to post my new photos here so you can see the new unemployed me minus the few unwanted pounds 😀 . Although I may have to reconsider and try to gain again just a li’l weight because they say thin doesn’t look good to aging women. 🙂

      We two are among the complicated beautiful people living simple yet insightful lives, Mr Johnson.


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