In My Heart Still


you make me want to write
about love, and
makes you a

– Irally Cariaso

Everything about him was poetic. not in the sense that he wrote down beautiful words but in the sense that he was the beautiful words. the way he moved captivated me and held my attention like his life depended on my focus being completely on him or else he would slip out of existence. the way he spoke struck anger into my soul. the way he breathed filled me with a profound and explainable sadness and longing. he looked like hell but at the same time he looked like the closest thing to heaven I could have ever imagined. he was sloppy words scribbled onto a pale sheet of paper by hands shaking from a lack of sleep and too much caffeine at 2:14 am on a Tuesday. he was the most beautiful thing to have ever come into my life and having my heart shattered into a million pieces by him was devastating but it left me breathless.  – Becca Collier


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