Loving you (maybe a prose but never a poem – 5)

He lays in bed in peaceful sleep…

She carefully settles herself beside him,

so as not to disrupt the calm he rightfully needs,

and softly presses her lips on his shoulder

embedding the secret of a lingering love

through a promise she has yet to break.


He’s probably miles away in his dream now

together with the gentle waves

of every sea he has relished,

the sun in its descent

in its surrender to the dark,

amid echoes uttering verses

from the most remarkable minds he has known.

The color and depth of his thoughts

would kiss her in moments of wakefulness

assuring her of the presence she yearns for

inside a world she’s come to embrace.


Beyond comparison with anyone else

she continues to cherish him

with his meaningful freeways, skies and metaphors.

The beauty of words keeps its wrap around them

even though they both knew

they’d never find their home

against space and time.

-geena, July 2016



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