I’m Going to Norway


Gamle Stavanger, Stavanger,  Norway

Just for a week. Flight is scheduled by this weekend. My sister and her husband are going to be my travel companions. Norway’s images on the internet are splendid so far. Should I be excited because I’ve been a city girl my entire life? I’ll sure be posting photos of both my destinations and myself here as soon as I can; my Instagram account will be included on the sidebar of this blog, too.

Motion sickness and my parents’ fear (they never experienced riding an airplane, imagine that) that had rubbed off on me were main factors why flying on airplanes has never been a breeze for me. But I love traveling. My sis urged me to visit nearer tourist sites like Japan or Australia or NZ. Nah, I love Europe and its beautiful people. Accuse me of whatever – that’s my preference nonetheless. My next target, hopefully this year as well (still I’m not sure), is Czech Republic and its neighboring areas. One thing’s certain, my intention to spend the money I had saved teaching English to dumb “Ks” on gallivanting.

I’m worried about my cat, though. I’ll be leaving her to the care of my brother and his partner. My cat is now fourteen years of age and I hope nothing bad happens to her while I’m away. She could be a pain in the a#s yet I consider her the dearest only real family left to me now.

If I make it back in one piece, I look forward to wiping the slate clean for the nth time. New perspectives, new inspirations, new love, new writing goals. I probably should be more relentless in editing and polishing my future and past pieces — with regards to grammar, syntax, vocabulary, style, etc.

I realized my child might never read this blog which was originally dedicated to him. It’s alright, I’ve had a great time and, similar to some writers, I enjoy the whole process even though I’m merely talking to myself. At least a lot has already been documented and everything I’ve written here is true.

Meanwhile — Hey Norway, here I come!


I was eight years old when my father one night brought home LP albums of The Carpenters, Santana, and Burt Bacharach/Hal David/Dionne Warwick tandem. All of their music became memorable to me; this is one of the many I’d learned by heart.



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