Brief thoughts on the U.S. Elections


This presidential race has become vicious, not to mention ridiculous. That the press was able to direct the sheep’s attention from a public servant’s official wrongdoing to an eleven-year-old tape of an alpha male brag is just preposterous.

I have wanted to see a woman occupying the highest post in the mightiest nation on the planet. But not this one. Not Hillary Clinton. Why? She committed malfeasance — so technically she’s a criminal. And it’s unthinkable that a criminal gets to rule the world.

Anti-Trump Republicans, Mormons, plaster saints, and other versions of NeverTrumpers seem to be more consumed by their own egos and posturings they keep on sending off their high opinions of their own opinions all over social media, accentuating their IQs and “standards” that, they imply, are too prominent (for them) to support Donald Trump.

Let me insert a massive eye roll here.

But I won’t be giving up on this one, win or lose.


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