Heart Uninspired

Far from being wonderfully measured, I don’t mind if life solemnizes mine once in a while. The simple details of my life are being cherished. Along with my simple declarations. There is content in not knowing. In non-engagement. Nothing to complicate this resting heart.

But as my arms stretch out far to the dark of a quiet night, my past starts to pound while the sky bodes of a compelling flashback. My mission begins to lose strength day by day.

Is it a mere feeling of unease over the fact everything I’ve been running away from keeps finding me in the end?

Can’t afford the risk of my own extinction. Not yet. Maybe I need another new inspiration. Something that will let me plunge into some dream state – get sucked in through the handsome vibe of a good-natured cavalier. To cover my thoughts, to bless my battles and freedom. Someone who will keep this world from fracturing.

Upon my word, my hope, within a silent pledge. Do not punish me for such honesty. Let me live in between spheres against my infinite capacity to feel – as you and I together with our sense of dedication will abbreviate further.

And I promise, I promise I will transform my very fire for you.


– geena, nov2016

photo source:tumblr_od7c0ulwem1u1l8sno1_540





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