Not crazy about the flick but WW’s boyfriend was hot

An FB post a couple of days ago: Perhaps I shouldn’t have scanned through all those gushing reviews online before watching the movie earlier this afternoon because it probably shot my hopes up a bit high. (Spoiler Alert?) Nearly all of the best scenes had already been incorporated in its trailers. Although the movie was well made, the tiresome formulaic climax of one-on-one battle with an evil god or monster — which enforces mayhem and burning all around and the hurling of whatever heavy stuff nearby — made me want to slump on my seat. Still, the onscreen chemistry between the two lead characters is delightful; Gal Gadot is credible as Wonder Woman; and Chris Pine’s acting, plus that sight of him getting out and going down from the bathtub is definitely worth my time and theater fee.

Having watched all the other superhero flicks, I had expected WW to diverge from those old motifs and offer sth different or original. Oh the world war 1 setting, the Amazons, the acting, etc. were all very good but on the whole, there was nothing quite exceptional about the film I could later muse on. IMHO, Captain America-1 was a lot better and so were some of the past Marvel movies.

I liked the London arrival sequence — how well it showed her unfamiliarity with then 20th century and the big reveal scene in “No Man’s Land” together with the film’s many humorous and charming scenes. The romance could’ve been sweeter, though. And (spoiler alert!) Steve’s character should’ve been extended for one more installment.
What I really want to say is that I love love love Chris Pine in this movie. He can do either comedy or drama splendidly. What an outstanding talent. And oh, those blue eyes….

Image result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in WonderwomanImage result for google image of Chris Pine as Steve Foster in Wonderwoman



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