a glow once in a while

An unexpected turn of events last week felt like something just gave birth to another side of me. As if after an indefinite time had passed, I’d been shaken up from some deep rest.

This has been my home for ages. There was, however, another refuge on Tumbler which had laid dormant for so long; basically functioning as a photo album — one of the sites where I fling my selfies for storage. Surprisingly, the beginning of this week found me with two new Tumbler sites.

The ending seems tragic once more. But the moon will be coming for me in the evenings … always willing to heal and sweeten a half-tired existence. And I am feeling the splendour, through the motion of words words words which keep framing the legend of the once-upon-a-time girl who has perpetually toted around a silly sentimental heart.  

Time, defer your flight. Hear my heart pounding. There’s a dance I would like to go to. Let me burn a bit much longer with the stars in the night. — geena, march 2018


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