Everything I want is everything I need

How could you settle for a boy like me
when all I could see you was at the end of the week
All the things we sign, and the things we buy
Ain’t gonna keep us together
Girl, it’s just a matter of time

Having the time of my life with music and movies. Watched a big screen earlier tonight which featured several of George Michael’s songs. Not a fan of the person — more of a fan of some of his compositions. Since music plays a substantial part in my life — I ought to set up a page on this site for my favorite tunes.

I went in to unwind by watching “Last Christmas” after a hard day’s work. Just another run-of-the-mill feel-good cheesy romantic film I had thought — until its jaw-dropping twist took me by surprise. Certainly not a masterpiece of a movie yet I went home thinking about the unexpected ending.

I messaged my sister about it. Because (Spoiler Alert) I don’t think the guy was a ghost (as many viewers have been deducing on the internet). Everything was brought about by his essence which emanated from his heart inside of her, I believe.

Many of the flamboyant singer’s songs (including a favorite of mine here) were haphazardly inserted throughout the flick. Never mind. It’s been a pleasant evening.

And now you’re telling me you’re having my baby
I’ll tell you that I’m happy if you want me to
But one step further and my back will break
If my best isn’t good enough then how can it be good enough for two


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