If Percy were indeed this handsome


In the movie Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley was portrayed by the very good-looking Douglas Booth. I watched him in the most recent Romeo and Juliet adaptation and I thought “what a hottie and not a bad actor.”

Mary Shelley was originally titled A Storm in the Stars. The change was due to political correctness which is all about empowering women these days (to the point it makes me want to puke).


To make matters worse, Percy Bysshe Shelley wasn’t favorably depicted in the film. I learned he was made to look like he was conceited, a misogynist, and even abusive. I still have to watch Mary Shelley to see for myself (if it’s true).


I can’t understand the way people think nowadays. If Mr. Shelley had an attitude (which had been exaggerated by, no doubt, the hypocrites), so did everybody who was cerebral, highly talented, affluent, and good-looking. How have we arrived at a state where everyone is expected to be perfect in all aspects? To boot, Percy Bysshe Shelley lived in the early 19th century when all men were misogynist. All men, you morons. 😀


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