Dance with Me

The isolation is taking its toll on me, I guess. Not feeling so good today considering our government doesn’t seem to know how it’s going to handle effectively the new “Modified Extended Community Quarantine” starting May 16. We are getting confused here. To add to that, I failed to fall in line the day before to avail of the small cash giveaway by the government for groceries which is a one-time opportunity after our 2-month lockdown.

Trying to drive away the blues and keep my frustration down, I watch UTube until my head hurts. Then I decided to just dance. Maybe the physical activity would help.

Thinking about it, the quarantine has been beneficial because I also learned to do basic planks and beginner’s yoga.

I don’t know if my dance video can be seen outside my country. I read there are limitations. I’m gonna publish this to help lift up my spirits anyway. Two short videos bcz I changed shirts. Tired of seeing myself in my long-sleeved dance uniform all the time. The song “Dance with Me”, a favorite of mine, was by Peter Brown from the late 70s.

If the videos have zero visibility, then go to my flicker account. I posted them there as well. Though let me warn you, my flicker contains purely selfies of mine. šŸ˜ƒ. Drat, I do feel awful today.

Full version


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